Exciting Audible News!

Last night I got an email from Next Chapter with a link to Justice for Belle on Audible! I’ve never really been one to listen to books, although I keep saying I should, and I know that once I do I’ll be hooked… I just still haven’t!

Anyway, every step forward in the bookish writing process is an exciting one! So, when I pulled the link up to have a look, only to find a beautifully put together profile I was momentarily stunned!!  I have two books there already and more to come!! I’ll be happy dancing all day today, I’m sure of it!



Such a cool and easy to navigate site! Needless to say, I signed up for a free trial, and started listening to the lovely voices who’ve narrated my books!  I’m extremely impressed, and excited, and just beaming allover with gratitude! 


I felt so uplifted that I even worked out this morning, we’ll see if I stick with that new little proclamation of daily self improvement *wink*wink*. I’m what some might call a roller-coaster fitness weirdo. I hit it really hard for a few months until I feel like I can conquer the world, and then I do nothing but veg out and eat junk food for a few more months until everything I worked so hard for is replaced with fluff and that irritating look of cottage cheese.


Gosh, Didi, get back on track!!

Anyhow, if you’re yet to explore your bookish adventures through voice like me, then there is no better time than now to do it!! Any Audible reads really… BUT If you want to see mine then I’d deeply appreciate the feedback!



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  1. Many congratulations Didi.

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