#Review Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted, by Angelina Kerner #5stars @KernerAngelina @RRBookTours1

This is the fourth book by Angelina Kerner that I’ve read, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s my favorite so far! Angelina has a way with light hearted characters and relatable banter. Her characters are realistic, and in this particular soft romance they really stole my heart.The main character’s name is Channel, and I wasn’t partial to the name at first, but after a couple chapters in I absolutely loved it. She was born with the disability of blindness, and after extensive surgeries that failed her, she still hasn’t given up hope for a cure. Channel longs to see, and who can blame her?

Being the daughter of a Senator has its perks and downfalls. Access to wealth and power has granted her a slot in the testing of a new drug that may in fact grant her sight back. Every seven hours she takes a pill, and despite the excruciating headaches as a side effect, the pills seem to be working. Little by little she’s given glimpses of blurry and limited, yet beautiful sight!

Some downfall to her family status is that she’s had to be leary of friends her whole life, and has been exposed to media and violence by the hand of those who disapprove of her father’s motions and political moves. She’s used to walking a tightrope per-say, and living in a sort of solitude. She’s independent in her day-to-day routine, she’s going to school, and has a couple of great friends.

When her father makes a bold and greatly impactful political move, Channel and her two close friends Brigitt and Mike are blindsided by a swarm of Media. It’s borderline dangerous, just how hungry they are for a story. One of the reporters even render her unable to escape by the use of her walking stick. Channels parents decide it best to hire a bodyguard, and despite Channels disagreement it winds up being a great decision.

The very next day Leon shows up. I really like him! Leon is smokin’ hot, confident, laid back in conversation, and the way he treats Channel is perfection.

 7 Hours Challenge Accepted is a quick and easy read, very light, very smooth, very heart-warming. I’m definitely a fan of Angelina’s work, and not only will I read her next book, but I’ll be waiting ever so patiently, with one eye always in her direction for its release. Congrats on another win Angelina, I loved it!


Thank you to R&R Tours and the author for a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review!


One pill every 7 hours. That could be all it takes to give Chanel the chance to finally see the world around her.

Chanel is an independent 19-year-old, despite what her overprotective mother and senator father may think. Being the daughter of a Senator comes with its own problems, one simple afternoon out with friends becomes overwhelming when they’re swarmed by reporters.

Keeping the secret of the experimental treatment close to her chest, she is able to fool everyone but her hawkeyed bodyguard, Leon, that has now been assigned to protect her.

Chanel doesn’t want a bodyguard, but will she get more than she bargained for?

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