#Review #5stars Veiled by Desire, by Candace Robinson


Candace Robinson has done it again! Laith, #1 (Clouded by Envy) was an outstanding read with phenomenal characters. It’s mostly about a couple fairy type bats who escape the land of Laith, and the majority of the book is told on earth. So, when Candace approached me for a non-bios review of book #2 I instantly jumped onto Goodreads and helped myself to a few reviews. To see that this one is actually based in Laith, and I had a chance to explore deeper into this magical world, I was like a kid in a candy store…. gimme-gimme-gimme-gimme. Thank you Candace for allowing to read this book before it’s publication date, it was everything I could have wanted from Laith and MORE, oh so much more!

Veiled by Desire not only places you on the edge of your seat in the very first chapter, but it grips you like a vice, holding you there tooth and nail, all the way to the extreme climatic ending. It bounces a little in time, and by characters, telling the tale of all creatures by sea and by land. Little by little Robinson is able to give hints and clues, sprinkling throughout the book in small doses that tie this book with the first. There’s magic, danger, deception, fun witty moments, heartbreak, healing, and the way it all blends together is seamless.

I’m torn between my favorite characters. Still I can’t decide who my very most favorite character even is. It’s a toss up between Tavarra and Rhona. 

Tavarra, the once was mermaid who finds herself cursed to walk the land as a beast by night, devouring anything in it’s path. Her story is amazing, and I especially love the friendship she finds in a wonderfully fun-loving bat.

Rhona, an extremely stong hearted young lady with powers of her own that are mastered and at one point stripped by the villian. She puts those who she loves first, always, and risks her life to defeat anything that may cause them harm. She’s amazing, and smart, and completely relatable – powers and all.

The two’s fate are intertwined in this magical tale that mixes humanity and fantasy so well! I love this book, and can’t wait to read the third in the trilogy!


In Laith, when the moons are high, Tavarra is allowed to walk the land as a human for one day, losing her seahorse-like tail. But should she remain out of the water, a curse will overtake her, turning her into a beast with. A creature that, on some nights, takes the shape of a rampaging, uncontrollable monster.

Rhona, along with her village, is under a sinister leader’s control. He took Rhona from the boy she loves, stripped away her abilities, and forces her on a dangerous task to retrieve a dark prism that will increase his already massive powers.

When Tavarra and Rhona cross paths, they discover they need each other. Rhona knows how to help the cursed sea creature, Tavarra knows where to find the dark prism. They embark on a mission that could help them break Tavarra’s spell and save Rhona’s family and village. But with an untamable beast inside Tavarra, nothing is certain…

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