Lullaby of Flames, by Candace Robinson #5stars #review


This bite sized delight is such a blast. Talk about thought provoking!! Cori is a teen girl, who’s a bit of an outcast. Which is silly, even to her, because her personality is dynomite. She’s secure, down to earth, comfortable with herself, and packed with quick wit. When she comes upon a strange happening in her yard, she winds up falling into a pit to hell… I know, shocker, right?!

Once down there, nothing is as expected. Yes, the ceiling is made of fire, and there are burning beasts of plenty, but what’s completely out of place is the band of misfits like Cory who are sadly stuck in the same boat. There’s only a handful, and each of them had fallen into the pit in different Eras, suck as prisoners of the damned and between place… or so they think.

You see, there’s this demon named Lilith and she has a few evil tricks up her sleeve. Every so often a couple of the trapped and still very much alive humans that Cori has found herself intertwined with, have a window of time to sneak past the fire and beasts to a tree of fruit. It’s how they’ve survived all this time. Lilith can be found at the tree in the form of a snake. When Cori meets Lilith everything changes and escape is for the first time within grasp. BUT what happens at the ending literally TAKES YOUR BREATH AWAY!

This story is short, amazing, and can be devoured easily in one sitting!  If you’re yet to read any work by Candace Robinson then this is the perfect place to start!  It’ll give you a taste of her writing style and utterly out of the box approach, which I promise will scoot you right along to her other books. I’m a big fan of this author’s work, and would like to thank her for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



A novelette:

Cori has always been a bit on the strange side, but when a gate to Hell—literally—pops up in her backyard, she tumbles down, down, down in to a place filled with beasts waiting to reap her soul for the Devil himself.

Lucky for Cori, she meets Rigel and his gang of misfits who have been trapped for quite a bit. Together, they must formulate a plan to escape, or risk remaining down below for all eternity and burning forevermore.


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