Happy Thanksgiving!

The Giving of Thanks, what a powerful notion,

We set the feeling of gratitude into unstoppable motion,

Filling our hearts with love and delight,

The beauty of solace carries on into night,

Despite all our burdens, heavy weights that we pack,

We set it all down, to ourselves we give slack,

We fill up our lungs, breathe in all our blessings,

We recall our lives, what surrounds us, our settings,

Missing those we once loved, that remain in our souls,

They send us their light, help us heal, help us grow,

The Giving of Thanks, can’t now be pinned down,

To one single day, like a plant in the ground,

More blessings come to those who appreciate,

Like the flick of a wrist, and the turning of fate.

Thank you text on hand design concept


Happy Thanksgiving!  As we all fill up our bellies today with way too much food, and even more pie, may we all reflect on the real reason for this holliday. I’ve been counting my blessings for the last few days. Honestly, it’s left me a little disappointed in myself for not doing it more often. There is so much to be grateful for!

As for myself, I have two beautiful children that are my whole entire world. I have an amazing husband who has stood by my side through thick and thin. This year in particular brought some very challenging situations for us. The way that his support and humble love held me up, is something that I’ll forever hold dear.

I can only pray that each and every person reading this whisper into the wind – I mean blog post- will be able to fill their hearts with the same soul-grounding gratitude that I have. So… be safe readers, and hug the ones you love tightly. They are all that matters in this world, and they need you to know you love them just as much as you need to know they love you!


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  1. Shalini says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Didi ❤️

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    1. Happy turkey day to you too! ❤


  2. Happy Thanksgiving Didi.

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    1. Thanks Brigid! Back attcha 🤩

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