Jan. WIP Writing Challenge FIGHT OR FLIGHT!!

Didi Oviatt -Author

I thought I’d start off the year with the mother of all prompt challenges for my ongoing interactive monthly WIP challenge. It’s taken me a few days to really come up with the right fit! I skimmed over so many ideas, passing up everything as I’ve felt them less than worthy. Weird, I know, but this morning while I was in the shower (yes that’s where I do my best brainstorming, don’t judge) I was trying to convince myself to put off my WIP post off for one more day. That’s when it hit me!!!  How well do we really know our characters? If put in the face of a life altering/traumatic dilemma, how would they REALLY handle it?! We all like to think that we’re strong and smart and would take the best approach, but really, I mean REALLY, how do we actually react when it’s…  


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