#review #5stars In Plane Sight, by Angelina Kerner


In Plane Sight is such a lovely bite sized romance, with soft intimacy and incredible world building for such a sort read. I really enjoy short reads such as this novelette, and In Plane Sight was just the ticket for a one sitting endulgelment. I’ve read several of Angelina’s books and I’m yet to be disappointed, they are all so fun, well crafted, and light hearted.

Tanessa just landed a new job in New Orleans, so after selling everything in prep for the relocation she hops a plane and doesn’t look back. On the flight, she has a little too much to drink and and allows herself to follow a rich, and very sexy stranger into his private quarters. Things get heated, and afterward she feels satisfied, a little guilty, and very glad that she’ll never have to see him again, as what she did was completely out of character for her.

Little does Tanessa know that Mr. Roth, her ‘one-flight-stand’ man is about to be much less than a stranger. As she finds her way around the new office and meets the staff, she’s shocked to learn exactly who the man is. They’re intertwined in more ways than one, and despite her efforts to avoid him completely there is a pull to one another that demands attention and refuses to be ignored. Five stars for me, this book is a delight!


Do not get tipsy and talk to strangers on a plane because they might just end up being your new boss. One you kinda hooked up with to run away from your talkative neighbor… and the one who still has your hickey on his neck as he introduces the project and recognizes you. Yeah, my new job just went from zero to ‘oh my stars’ in seconds. I may just want to take flight…

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  1. Midnightlion says:

    Hey, im not a big fan of Romance, more a murder, mystery, crime and thriller person…..
    But thanks for the recommendation!!

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