Full Moon Story – Meet Gretchen, From ‘Witchful Thinking!’ #fullmoon #paranormal #kdsuspense @didi_oviatt

Author, Kim Knight

MoonMeet Gretchen guys from ‘Witchful Thinking.’  One of the stories in The Suspenseful Collection  #2 Blurred Lines.   Following on from Didi’s WIP share last week of this story. I love it!! And I loved writing it. Didi really forced me out of my comfort zone when she put two paranormal stories in my inbox to write. Arrrgggh! I am so not a paranormal writer, but this story allowed me to really go wild, and even incorporate some of my own heritage. I loved it.

So, it’s a full moon week this week coming. How did I remember, just stepped outside to get something from the garden and the moon she’s shining brightly over my house! I took a picture she is bright and full. How beautiful, happy full moon. In the mean time, meet Gretchen on the night of her full moon encounter with three witches…

The Night…

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