Awesome Blogger Award, and Big Upcoming Q and A Event!

Okay, let’s take a minute to talk about Midnight Lion over at the Penable Me blog. This individual’s site is consistently packed to the brim with fantastic content, including engaging open discussions with take over artist spaces and even poetry contests. A few weeks ago I had the privilege to help judge participating poets and there were SO MANY inspirational and touching works to choose from, let me tell you, picking a favorite was rough!!


Lion is also one the most supportive blogs of my stuff as of late! Participating in my Monthly WIP challenge for March with a vampire scene to ‘die for’ (pun intended, muha-ha-ha-ha) was only one of the fantastically supportive moves made. Just last week the Penable Me blog was kind enough to comment on one of my posts to nominate me for the AWESOME BLOGGER AWARD!!  It’s been a while since I accepted an award. I’ve been nominated for a few over the last year and never followed through with a post, so I apologize to those who have nominated me in the past that I didn’t recognize. And, THANK YOU LION for this nomination and being so very sweet and supportive!!


Lastly, Midnight Lion was kind enough to invite me over for a day next week to do a LIVE QUESTION AND ANSWER session. This is so cool, and I can’t wait! Next week on April 23rd, I’ll be answering questions all day in the comments of the Penable Me blog! It’s perfect timing because Kim Knight and I will be releasing our second set of Suspenseful Collection Short Stories BLURRED LINES on April 22nd.

TSC 2020 banner (2)

I have several books released, mostly thrillers, and I’d love to accept the challenge of answering any and all your questions!  Check out a previous Q and A day with the lovely Justina Luther to see how this whole tentative guest style blog day works!



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  1. That sounds like fun. I have taken some leave from work so I will try and visit you during the day.

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    1. Good for you! Work right now while homeschooling and keeping the family healthy, safe and in check is rough! I hope your time is smooth and productive, Robbie ❤

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      1. Haha, Didi, it definitely isn’t smooth, but you live and learn and it gets easier.


  2. Hi Didi, thank you so much for your kind comments( I now have a lot to live up to 😂) and you are a really amazing person.
    I’m super, super sorry for this late notice but unfortunately I am not available on the 23rd of April….
    If you agree to it, we can do the Q and A sometime this week instead.
    Thanks so much for understanding and for sharing a lot of lovely things about me in this post.
    Stay safe and I await your reply,
    H.R Phoenix (Midnightlion) 💖💖💖

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    1. No worries. This week is full for me😂 but the first week of May would be 👌

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      1. Okay… Ummmm… I’m actually kind of full for May as well…. But I’m free this week or in June.
        So super sorry,
        Midnightlion ❤️

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      2. No worries. June it is 🙂

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      3. 😃Okay, looking forward to it!!!

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