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Rule one: Soccer is life.

Rule two: Forget boy drama.

Rule three: Stay out of Trouble.

Lana Reyes has no intention of breaking her own rules for senior year. That is until she doesn’t get her soccer scholarship—the one and only shot of getting out of her small town. With only one more showcase to make a name for herself, she needs help to increase her speed and agility—a skill set touted by her ex-crush and hottest guy at school.

Dylan Cadwell’s perfect spirals and chiseled features can’t erase the struggles he faces at home or in the classroom. With failing grades and parents who engage in constant yelling matches, the dream of playing college football is his only escape—one that could easily slip through his fingers if his lackluster grades aren’t pulled up immediately. If he loses a full-ride scholarship, he’s destined to be stuck in their small town forever.

When Lana and Dylan discover each other’s situation, they hatch a plan: He’ll train her; she’ll tutor him. It’s a seamless strategy, designed to help each other keep their eye on the prize—until rekindled feelings emerge and the greatest prize of all could be the love playing out between them.

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Jaqueline Snowe lives in Arizona where the “dry heat” really isn’t that bad. She prefers drinking coffee all hours of the day and snacking on anything that has peanut butter or chocolate. She is the mother to two fur-babies who don’t realize they aren’t humans and a new mom to the sweetest baby boy. She is an avid reader and writer of romances and tends to write about athletes. Her husband works for an MLB team (not a player, lol) so she knows more about baseball than any human ever should. 

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Chapter One


Senior year, baby. This was it. 

Soccer. Scholarship. Shenanigans. If I could get it printed on a T-shirt, I would wear that shit every day. I shoved the final piece of toast into my mouth, tied my hair up into a high ponytail—my signature look since sixth grade—and bounded down the stairs like a bobcat. My parents raised their brows at my loud entrance, but they shouldn’t have been surprised. They’re the one who called me la tormenta—the storm—as a toddler, and I’d vowed to live up to my name. 

The narrow hallway decorated with various family pictures led into a small kitchen that had a half-wall separating the dining area from the living room. We had a strict, no-food-ever-on-the-couch policy, so I grabbed a Pop-Tart and ripped it open near the trash bin. 

“Mornin’ padres,” I said without spitting any crumbs on the floor. My mom’s gaze went straight from my mouth to the clean white tile; I cupped my hand under my chin in a dramatic fashion. “I’m not going to spill.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard that one before.”

I rolled my eyes, sharing a quick look with my dad sitting quite comfortably on the beat-up burgundy couch. I shared his style more than my mom’s. He liked rock music and had an earring; Mom wore button-up collared shirts and loafers. Despite their vastly different styles, they both were half-Mexican and from strict Catholic families, so they had the same integrity and outlook on life. He winked at me and pointed to the newspaper. “Did you see last night’s game?” 

“Sí, claro. Cruz Azul won again.” I grinned. Soccer was the end-all, be-all of our family—and my future. No scholarship meant no college for me, and we all knew it. The panic I had carried all weekend flared in my gut—today was the day.

Today my coach would tell me the results of the showcase I’d played in a couple weeks ago.

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