Sinners & Saints Anthology! News For Big Author Opportunities!! #romance #preorder #99cents @AnthologySaints @KernerAngelina

Talk about picking up momentum, just wow!!  I joined this group of lovely romance authors a few weeks back, and all it’s done is grow grow grow!  I’m excited, and proud, and absolutely overflowing with anticipation. There are 16 authors in this group, including several award-winning and best-selling… all contributing a romance novella or two. Seriously, this group has everything!!  Fantasy Romance, Contemporary Romance, Suspenseful Romance, Dramatic Romance, and even Romantic Comedy!! My hell, I can’t wait until it’s released!


The group has a profile available on all social media outlets to check out (I’ll link those last), but the main reason for my post today is to let all of my blogger and author friends know that there are LOTS of opportunities in play that the S&S team is heading up that will help you to do a little networking. Meet new readers, gain new followers, advertise your books be SEEN!! Hang in there, keep reading through, and I’ve got a few sign up forms for FB parties, an Instagram Hop, and Author takeovers that will help you find some amazing books as well as share your own.

Before I get into the details of these opportunities, please check out Sinners and Saints click through links!!

Here’s Some Pre-Order info for anyone interested!!

Amazon Link:




Universal Link:


NOW…. like I said, opportunities:

By means of keeping an audience engaged, the group has put together a few FB pages. They’re hopping!!  One is a news-type group, full of info about each book inside the set, as they’re shared. One is an exciting interactive party page (this one you don’t want to miss!!)  There’s even a sign up form for authors interested in contributing to the party page in small increments to share their stuff, and make some fun connections along the way!!

As if all of that jammin FB stuff isn’t exciting enough, there’s also an Instagram Hop coming up that you’re not going to want to pass up!!  Find out more about it by clicking here: Angelina’s Dragon Keepers Page!!

authors and book bloggers

What’s possibly the most exciting news about the Sinners and Saints Anthology, is that many cover images for the individual stories, INCLUDING MY OWN!!  I’m totally swooning over here! I can’t share them just yet, but hold your breath because they’re f*cking beautiful!!

Last but not least, there’s a sign up link for a RELEASE BLITZ, if any bloggers would like to join!  it’s set to be released in Jan. 2021!!!  Woot woot!! Lots of links here, enjoy all your click throughs!!!




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