#poetry #review The Raven’s Poison, by Braeden Michaels


It’s hard to review poetry, especially a large book of poetry that has all sorts of topics and emotions. The Raven’s Poison by Braeden Michaels is quite the collection!  Some of the poems I absolutely loved, some I struggled to understand, and some a read over a few times thinking, just wow. For the most part the poems in this book are unique, deeply rooted, and practically pulse with creative energy. There are a lot of poems about toxic, or twisted love that has been lost or manipulated in some way. There are also quite a bit of metaphors. Braeden has a way of taking an object of sorts and describing it in a way that’s extremely thought provoking. One of my favorites is titled Voodoo Doll. I’ll give a small quote:

Trapped in humdrum

Sipping a bottle of mundane

She’s a voodoo doll

 In the shoes of a routine

Removing the shine to make me dull”

Overall, I highly recommend this book of poetry to all poetry lovers and writers alike. There’s much to be felt, and much to be learned from the writing style!!


From the mind of Braeden Michaels, drink from this cup, the raven’s poison, a concoction of his collected poems all about the human condition. Imbibe in the rainbow of emotions found in the soul’s colors and taste the bitter aftertaste when you’re drenched in rage.

Indulge in the reasons beneath dripping lust before absorbing all the ways we experience our wide-ranging flavors of love and finish off with a sip of self-destruction. This is us. Humanity. All the layers stripped away and arranged for your pleasure.

ravens poison....

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  1. Thank you Didi for the honest review! I appreciate it! Yes I have been told there are some poems that aren’t easily understood. ❤️

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    1. Thats exactly how poetry should be! Each one should resonate with exactly who its meant to. If we all understood every poem, it be basic and forgettable… yours is unique, and thats 👌❤

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      1. Very true and agree! I will be soon releasing my next book and it will be completely different! 😉

        Thank you for the support!

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