Cover Reveal!!! Who’s the Fairest – Anthology

Once upon a time…
There were two brothers who collected tales from their homeland and put them in a book. Stories of magical creatures and horrible fates. Princesses who fell under enchantment and princes who came from the countryside to save them.
These are not those stories.
And we are not those brothers.
This time, it’s the Sisters turn to spin nine tales that will delight and terrify you. If you were looking for those classic stories you heard in your childhood, look again, because these stories aren’t like any you’ve heard before.
Maidens turning into flowers, and soldiers brought back to life by a snake’s whim, these stories are filled with a dark romance that you can only get when you reimagine those classic Fairy Tales.
Here’s your chance to find out if all Fairy Tales end in: Happily Ever After… Or if their fates are sometimes a little bit Grimm…
Andi Lawrencovna, Rochelle Bradley, Isobelle Cate, Hope Daniels & Alicia Dawn, Jennifer Daniels, SE Winters, Genevieve Gornichec, Shaunna Rodriguez, Kali Willows


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  1. Shalini says:

    Me!!! But my mirror doesn’t agree. I told it – look into my soul… It replied – I did. *rolling eyes* DUMBASS

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    1. 🤣🤣 hey come to think of it… the EXACT same thing happened to me recently.🤣
      …… thats odd 🧐🧐 LOL


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