Search For Maylee by Didi Oviatt — A Review

Wow, I’m over the moon with this review!! Thank you so much Charles French, I’m absolutely thrilled that you enjoyed my book! 🤩🤩

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Search For Maylee by Didi Oviatt is a wonderfully written thriller that combines psychological suspense, action, character growth, and terror. Oviatt does a remarkable job of creating a narrative that is compelling, with the reader always wanting to know what is coming next. Oviatt builds the story, focusing in on the main character Autumn and her search for her missing niece, Maylee.

Oviatt creates a protagonist about whom the reader cares; we become invested in her struggle and her anguish as she continues looking for her missing niece, even as she is told there is nothing more to be done. Autumn is a driven person, one who will not let anyone or anything keep her from achieving her goal.

This tale is not only a riveting piece of story-telling, but also it deals with an important contemporary issue that is all too frequently over-looked—the abduction of young women and girls.

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    I will be reading more of your work!

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