#review Christine, by Stephen King 4stars


The last few King books that I’ve read have come up a little short, so for me, Christine was a great reminder of how much I really do enjoy Stephen King’s writing! The premise is a little odd, not something that I would normally read. But, thanks to a reading group and a couple of amazing book lover friends I dove in. So a big fat thanks to them – for the encouragement and discussions because without them I would have skipped over a pretty awesome King book!

Christine is the name of a car. Not just any car tho, a haunted evil nasty rotten car that is hell bent on hanus death and destruction. The book is broken down into three parts, and is narrated by multiple characters throughout. Dennis begins the tale. He and Arnie, his best friend, are high school students. Arnie is kind of a weakling, with an awkward build and a terrible complexion. He gets picked on often and Dennis is a kind hearted, fun loving friend who has stood by his side since the beginning of time. The two come across an old beat up car with a for sale sigh in it, and Arnie is instantly drawn to it. The old owner is a grumpy old man with a real shitty attitude about everything and everyone. He’s clearly attached to the car, in an oddly intense way and is reluctant to get rid of it, but he’s old and dying and wants the car to end up in the hands of whoever it calls to… Arnie is the perfect candidate.

Over time, Arnie fixes it up, but along the way he changes… a LOT! His appearances, demeanor, confidence, personality, really just everything about him just changes. As does everyone around him. Arnie becomes attached to it, obsessed with it, and the more time he spends fixing up Christine, the more it seems to fix itself alongside him. A cracked windshield heals, certain parts that Arnie doesn’t recall replacing wind up as good as new, and his attachment to it becomes disturbingly intimate. What’s even weirder is that Arnie himself changes. The original owner of Christine, LeBay, dies shortly after Arnie buys the car, and after Dennis and Arnie go to the funeral LeBay’s brother gives Dennis some very disturbing insite about the deadly history of the car. Apparently, Christine is no stranger to death, murder and meyham, aaaannnnnd neither was LeBay.

As things progress, and the narration alternates King gives us insight and gory detail galore. The people that Christine takes out, and the way she does it is insane. Very classic King, and despite the weird premis, it’s written in a way that fits and is gripping. I really enjoyed the dynamics and twists, it’s very well played out! 4 stars for me. 🙂 


Stephen King’s ultimate evil vehicle of terror, Christine: the frightening story of a nerdy teenager who falls in love with his vintage Plymouth Fury. It’s love at first sight, but this car is no lady.

Evil is alive in Libertyville. It inhabits a custom-painted red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury named Christine and young Arnold Cunningham, who buys it.

Along with Arnold’s girlfriend, Leigh Cabot, Dennis Guilder attempts to find out the real truth behind Christine and finds more than he bargained for: from murder to suicide, there’s a peculiar feeling that surrounds Christine—she gets revenge on anyone standing in her path.

Can Dennis save Arnold from the wrath of Christine? This #1 national bestseller is “Vintage Stephen King…breathtaking…awesome. Carries such momentum the reader must force himself to slow down” (The New York Times Book Review).

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  1. I also enjoyed Christine, Didi, although it isn’t my favourite King book. I also prefer his older works to the more recent ones. My favourite King books are The Shining, The Stand and It. My favourite Bachman books are Different Seasons, The Long Walk and The Running Man.

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    1. I just finished the running man a couple months, and it was great! I agree on the oldies too! Will be diving into Cujo soon 😊

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      1. Ah, Cujo, that was an interesting book. I look forward to reading your review of it.

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      2. PS, I like The Long Walk more than The Running Man although both are good. The psychology in The Long Walk is fascinating.

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      3. I started the long Walk and fell behind the group so it got put on the back burner 🤦‍♀️

        I did love the muti personality start tho! I otta go back to it!

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  2. Priyasha says:

    Yet to begin King

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    1. There’s surely a reason he’s sold so many books over the years. Some of his stuff I’ve really struggled through. Others are fantastic!


  3. raistlin0903 says:

    Thanks so much for this review! Christine is one of my favorite King books. I’ve always loved it, and I have to say the John Carpenter film that was made based on this book, although different is also one of the better King adaptations. I don’t know if you have ever seen it, but if not I highly recommend it😊 Terrific review, and I’m glad you enjoyed the book!😀

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    1. I heard the movie is good!! Its on my list now that I’ve read the book 🤣

      I can’t do the other way around, it ruins thing for me, every damn time lol

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      1. raistlin0903 says:

        Haha…I hear you, that’s the same with me. Whenever I can I always try to read the book first, instead of the other way around.So yeah, totally recognisable😊

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  4. Awesome review of one of my top ten King books Didi. I think it’s a perfect example of how in addition to the spine-tingling terror he induces in his readers, he creates some truly complex and memorable characters.

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    1. He really does! Very unforgettable 🤩. Hope you’ve been well Kim!

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