#newrelease #debut Death Buys Me a Drink, by Raine Bishop

I’m so excited to anounce this debut novel, released and ready to purchase on amazon/kindle!!! Congrats Raine on the new release, it looks absolutly fantasitic!!



Since both of her parents died, Samantha hasn’t been living like a normal 20 something should be. She left college, got a job at a local bar, and became a mom to her younger sister Kathleen. Finally, taking her sister’s advice, she met up with some friends for a fun night out. Samantha’s heart and spirit seem to be calming from the trauma of her past. She is entirely unaware of the man in the shadows that is watching her every move. A man that wants nothing more than to have Samantha all to himself and will do anything to have her. Stalking in the shadows watching, I have one job, a job that I have done over and over. This time it feels different… this time one little human is causing my heart to stir with emotions. Something that I have never felt before is rushing inside of me when I look at her. I shouldn’t touch her, and I shouldn’t keep watching her. I have a job a simple one. I am death.

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  1. This sounds like a very interesting book, Didi. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. doesn’t it tho?! Very catchy

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