Progress Over Perfection

Progress over perfection is really becoming a common theme in my house lately! That and “Yogurt”. My eight year old son joined the bandwagon of naming swear words something other than the actual word. He seriously practiced every word he could think of in any scenario of swears. For a few days he wandered around the house yelling random angry phrases and placing different words in for the swears. He settled on YOGURT of all words. So now, all we do is yell a bunch of ‘yogurtin’ nonsense during homeschool time. That’s practically what my life has resorted to, mother yogurtin’ nonsense.

Back on track though — progress over perfection! In only a couple weeks of homeschooling, I feel like I have learned more than my kids have. Not so much curriculum wise (they are only in kindergarten and second grade afterall), but in terms of patience. I’ve learned to be patient with them, with myself, with time management, and with prioritizing. That’s right, prioritizing takes a lot of patience, and it takes a lot of dedication!!!

We’re celebrating the little things, because all progress is progress! We’re slipping into a routine, and testing our grounds with one another at home. So, every assignment without a meltdown is cause for celebration, and every day of completing a list of tasks unscathed is cause for celebration, and especially EXTRA TIME left over for fun is definitely cause for celebration. We celebrate a lot around here, and it’s actually kind of fun.

The last few days, we’ve completed all of our schoolwork by early afternoon and I’ve had plenty of time for writing!! More time than in weeks to be exact and it’s precisely what I’ve needed!! It’s been an editing week, as will next week be. Focus is utterly necessary, and I was seriously dreading homeschooling while I was in this phase of a couple books. Progress this week isn’t quite perfection, but it’s most certainly progress! Today I’ll be celebrating with a glass of wine, and some yogurtin’ chocolate! 

Now let’s just hope that next week I’ll have some Gosh Yogurt time for reading too because I’m behind on like six novels that I promised to review by the first of October!  Catching up quickly has now become a priority, so wish me luck!!!

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  1. Remontz_X says:

    The step-brothers meme was it!!! 😅 Great Post. I can take that mindset/quote to heart, “Progress over Perfection.” Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you! I feel like we should do karate in the garage 😂

      Totally kidding….
      Kinda lol

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      1. Remontz_X says:

        Yep!!!! Did we just become best friends?!

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  2. Sumita Tah says:

    Loved the post. 😄 Great going with yogurt in your bandwagon. Tough time for moms in all forms.

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  3. myfanwy80 says:

    Love this for this Didi!! Amazing

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