#NewRelease The Mystery of Sir Byron’s Ghost, by Suzanne Nemec #Authorspotlight

A giant Congratulations to the beautiful Suzanne Nemec on her new release!!


Abby Collins inherited her grandmother’s run-down Victorian house in New England. Though her grandmother used to tell her ghost stories, Abby thought they were make-believe.

When strange things begin happening, Abby discovers she has more significant problems than fixing the plumbing and countless other repairs.

From the moment Sir Byron sees Abby, she reminds him of the only woman he’s ever loved, Rose. This time he’ll stop at nothing to claim the next best thing, Rose’s granddaughter.

Author Bio:  
Two-time award-winning author Suzanne Nemec had a brush with death at a young age, fueling her love of spirits and all things ghostly. She grew up reading books about astrology signs, numerology, and metaphysical properties, along with lots of romance novels. 

After becoming a Reiki master, Suzanne read Sandy Anastasi’s Psychic Development series and began monthly coaching with Sandy. That’s when she discovered how real her visionary world was. Now Suzanne loves writing about spirits and soulmates with surprise plot twists. Much to her surprise, while writing her first novel, Suzanne began channeling her spirit guide, Josh, giving her novels a unique perspective. 

Suzanne and her husband reside in Arizona with their black pug and Suzanne’s snarky spirit guide.

Facebook author page:  https://www.facebook.com/authorsuzannenemec

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/suzannenemecauthor/

Twitter: @Suzannenemec

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/suzanne-nemec

Website: https://www.suzannenemec.net/

Excerpt from the, “The Mystery of Sir Byron’s Ghost”

Once home, Abby hurried up the steps to the front door of the house she’d recently inherited from her grandparents, which was badly in need of a new roof. She’d been doing her best to ignore it and the peeling paint that covered the three-story Victorian house. She paused for a moment to enjoy the massive front porch and the curved windows with white trim. Abby knew it was only a matter of time before she’d have to hire painters and a handyman to help with repairs. 

She had barely settled in two months ago, and she wasn’t eager to drain her savings account before receiving her first paycheck. Not that her part-time job at the local bakery would pay enough to purchase groceries, plus have enough leftover to pay the utilities and other bills. Though the bakery wasn’t much of a job, she’d have to make do until something with more hours and pay opened up. With a sigh, she unlocked the door and went inside.

“Milo, I’m home!” Her greeting was answered almost immediately by a longhaired black cat with copper eyes, who sauntered out from behind the threadbare blue sofa in the living room. Milo lazily stretched before greeting her with a meow. 

“What do you say we make some popcorn and watch a movie?” She smiled and picked Milo up, who purred in agreement as she carried him into the kitchen, only to stop dead in her tracks. 

“What happened in here?” She tightened her hold on Milo, who didn’t seem the least bit bothered by the sight of every item from the refrigerator now covering the kitchen table.  “Who in the world could have done this?” Not that she expected Milo to answer, but it would’ve been nice if he could have at least given her a clue. When he wiggled to get down, she obliged.

Memories of her grandmother’s stories about the ghost that shared their home pushed forward in her thoughts. Don’t be ridiculous, they were only Grandma Rose’s way of entertaining me. Besides, all those times I stayed here when Mom and Dad went on a trip, I never saw anything like this or noticed any hint of the things Grandma teased me about—like ghosts. I’m sure she was only pulling my leg and that none of those stories really happened. Right?

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  1. This sounds great, Didi.


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