#review #5stars Lyrical Chaos, by Samantha Sanchez


If you read my review of the first Prodigal book by Samantha Sanchez then you know that I enjoyed the story enough to jump directly into the second book, and you also know that there was a certain character that I was on the fence with. It isn’t the main character Lyric, but her main squeeze Trey. I couldn’t really decide how I felt about him. Mostly I disliked him because he had some struggles in life and was teetering on the edge of an abusive man. Lyric clearly loved him dearly, enough to put up with his bullshit. In the end of Prodigal the two became engaged.

I was seriously rooting that they’d pull through and be a happy healthy couple, and that Trey would pull his head out of his ass. Maybe it’s because a part of me wants to believe that it’s actually possible for a teetering spirit such as his to actually better their soul and their future. If nothing else than in the name of love. Let me just say…. That didn’t happen, and I’m far from being on the fence now that I’ve read this book. He’s a bastard, and I kind of want to kick him in the nuts. Seriously, maybe it’s the spunky attitude of the book that’s left me in such an array, but if I were to meet this fellow in real life that would likely be my go to. Kick to the nuts.

Back on track tho, Lyric has had her fair share of ups and downs. Her success and fortune only grows, especially after she takes control and no longer allows Trey to put her future at risk. What’s awesome tho, is that she follows her heart and her dreams to sing rather than rely solely on reality TV, and the drama that comes with it to be her main source of income. In doing so, she winds up crossing paths with Ferris.

Ferris is a very successful, business driven man in the music industry. He and Lyric hit it off, but their journey is a rocky one. There are ups and downs in each of their lives, and neither of them are ready for the inevitable. I really enjoyed this story… probably even more than the first book because the world building and character development is better. Also because Lyric has grown as a woman, she’s got a little bit clearer of a head on her shoulders, and although she’s often pulled into violence and drama, she winds up growing because of it rather than getting caught up in the negative details.  5 stars for me. I look forward to following this author and to read her next release!


The cameras are off but the world is still watching. The BFC have gone their separate ways and Lyric is learning that life in the spotlight isn’t as fun as it seems. She is publicly maligned by her fiancé’s family, and privately disrespected by the man himself. His paranoia and possessiveness hint at a far deeper issue than just mere jealousy, as she struggles with the decision of whether or not to follow through with their marriage. Lyric’s attempts to legitimize herself as an actress is less than ideal but her vocal talents catch the attention of one of the biggest rap duos of the day. While her celebrity status begins to create enmity within her church social group. How will the chaos in Lyric’s life affect her heart? Will the pressure turn her into a diamond? or will the flame prove too hot, and shatter her mind like glass?

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    1. Thanks Felicia! I enjoyed it 😊


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