#review #mustread Scottish Alliance, by J. Shepard


4.5 stars, rounded up to 5. A quick review for a quick read… This book is super fast and easy, 26 must-read pages to be exact, and it took me less than an hour to devour it. It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited, so if you subscribe then you really have no excuse, read this book!! The main character of Scottish Alliance is Lara; a werewolf with precise and deadly fighting skills. She has quite the story to tell. I feel like the book as a whole was only a nibble (if that) of the story that Lara has to tell. It read like a prequel to something really freaking awesome in the works! I hope that’s the case too, as Jennifer Shepard clearly has a natural talent for storytelling! The one and only reason I’m giving this book a 4.5 rating rather than a 5 is because I felt like it was TOO short. I would have liked this nibble of Lara’s story to more like a mouth filling bite… at least.
Here’s a quick run down. Lara was born and has lived her whole life in New York City, fighting Vamps, of course. She works for an organization of wares, and is the best there is. Her boss calls her in with a task that is completely out of the ordinary. She’s never left the city that she loves nor has she ever had a desire to. So when he sends her to Scotland to lead up the forming of an alliance with the wares overseas… she’s shocked.
She jumps on a plane right away, there’s no looming it over. It is what it is, and she’s a soldier. The flight is long, and when she arrives she’s taken straight to the big guy in charge. What he tells her isn’t at all what she could have ever expected, and the journey ahead is bound to be a bumpy ride… Now let’s all just wait and see what J. Shepard has in store for Lara. I have a feeling it is going to be utterly unforgettable!


Ranked #1 in 45-minutes fiction reads in January 2020.

Lara McLeish, a trained fighter for the New Bloods, a werewolf clan in New York, has come across an assignment that’s got her rattled to the core. Not used to taking the diplomatic route, she has been tasked with forming an alliance with a clan in Scotland. Finding herself on the next flight out, Lara meets the most unnerving werewolf she’s ever met.

Cameron Fraser, the were behind the clan, is used to getting what he wants, whenever he wants it, but Lara is proving to be more difficult than he hoped. Welcoming her to fight alongside his clan, the question becomes whether he can keep his motives pure enough to see the bigger picture: an alliance of two clans.

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