#review Gallows Hill, by Charles F. French @French_C1955

MY REVIEW 4 stars:

Gallows Hill is the second installment in a paranormal investigative series. The first book, Maledicus set the stage for a small group of men who set out to uncover and solve paranormal mysteries. They get themselves into quite the evil circumstance and it’s insanely scary, talk about a nail biter!  This second book isn’t quite as fearful, but it’s shocking, engaging, and very well developed.

I really love that Helen, a victim of paranormal attack in the first book has actually joined the team. Her, and the little girl in her care are quite phenomenal characters. They add in a bit more dynamic and realism to the day to day life of the crew. In book 1 we learned a lot of back story for the crew, Roosevelt Jeremy Sam and more, yet in book 2 the focus is mainly on Sam. You see, he lost a son years earlier. The death started the spiral down a lonely and grief filled path, and his struggles only escalate.  I really like Sam and his strong heart. He’s been through so much, and his drive and determination is resonating.

Although the ending is truly a chilling powerhouse, I think what I enjoyed most about this story is the opener! The first chunk of the book tells the tale of the main paranormal activity, and its roots in history. There’s an executor by the name of Ebeneezer Schwarznacht (My props to Charles for writing such a name BTW), and he was involved in the hangings of an insane amount of humans, some of which have even left their mark in history. Ebeneezer is a rotten, awful soul, clear to his core. He’s seriously evil in its truest form, and the first of the book really paints this well!  He was trained to be an executioner at a very young age. From the very first death sentence that he carried out, he knew that he’d found his calling. He loved his job and nothing made him happier than the details of taking a life…. Even in spirit he’s able to reach through the beyond and snatch the lives of those who come too close to his zone.

 The team finds themselves on a mission to rid the world of Ebeneezer’s deadly presence, yet the journey isn’t an easy one… especially with everything Sam already has on his plate. I really enjoyed this book! The third installment was just barely released (last week in fact!) which is perfect timing!  I’ll be diving in soon. 


History always makes an impact on the present. Retired homicide detective Sam Sadlowski faces his personal history and fears as well as living and dead enemies.

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  1. Thank you for the review, Didi! Just on the jump to dive in. Michael

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      1. I am also sure. I had a short look in it, and thats forcing me to read asap. I only need a little bit longer, because my vocabulary isnt yet very big. 😉

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  2. frenchc1955 says:

    Didi, thank you so much!

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  3. frenchc1955 says:

    Reblogged this on charles french words reading and writing and commented:
    Thanks to Didi Oviatt for this lovely review of my book Gallows Hill: The Investigative Paranormal Society, Book 2!

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    1. Youre most welcome Charles! Congrats on the releasing of book three!! 🤩


  4. Jennie says:

    Great review!

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    1. Thanks Jennie. Its a great book! 😊

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      1. Jennie says:

        You’re welcome! 🙂

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  5. Jennie says:

    This was a great review, Charles. I love how she highlights the opening of the book.

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      1. You’re welcome, Didi!

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  6. A lovely review of Charles book, Didi. I liked this one too. Actually, I’ve enjoyed each book in this series more with my favourite being the new one, which BTW gives some interesting insights into Sam’s son and his death.


  7. Great review of Charle’s book.

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    1. Its an excellent read! 😊


      1. Sounds awesome Didi. 🙂

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