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Welcome to the book tour for The Best of No Small Thing with its accompanying gratitude workbook, Practice Gratitude. This unique collection of blog posts is by author, Deborah Hawkins!

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paperbackbookstanding.TBONST copyThe Best of No Small Thing

Publication Date: December 2019

Genre: Collection of Blog Posts/ Non-Fiction

No Small Thing – Mindful Meditations ( was launched in 2010 with the intention of reflecting on experiences that generated feelings of gratitude in order to create a positive mood and orientation to life. As of fall of 2019, over 500 reflections (mindful meditations) have been published along with over 100 tips that can be employed in a gratitude practice.

This mindfulness process is detailed in a companion book, Practice Gratitude: Transform Your Life. It emphasizes the creation of personal gratitude themes, one’s Grateful Dozen, which can help a person see things that spark grateful feelings in new situations. This is a collection of favorite blog posts that came out of this process.

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paperbackstanding2-practice graitude copyPractice Gratitude: Transform Your Life

Publication Date: December 2019

Genre: Practice Guide/ Gratitude Journal

For several decades, studies have supported the idea that gratitude has many positive benefits. It boosts optimism, a sense of personal control, and even enhances relationships. Keeping a simple gratitude journal, where daily entries are made identifying things that spark gratitude, has become a very popular. Deborah Hawkins, originator of, goes beyond listing little boons to generate good feelings. In this book, she teaches techniques for mindfulness, self-inquiry, and writing to build memories that activate strong positive emotions. This guide and workbook helps readers understand what kinds of personal experiences prompt uplifting feelings of gratitude in them, develop broad themes that apply to these experiences, and then use these themes to see and experience gratitude in new situations. This approach can empower anyone to begin each new day with confidence that things they love and value are already present. A companion book, Best of No Small Thing – Mindful Meditations provides examples of posts that were written using this process.

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Excerpt from The Best of No Small Thing

Since I started writing down my mindful meditations, I have tried to pay extra attention to things that affect me, things that change my mood or outlook, or simply things that I’m grateful for. Keeping an eye out for these kinds of things has brought up memories of my father and some paradoxical advice he tried to impart.

My father died when he was sixty-two. I was in my midtwenties and going through a divorce. He was not around often when I was growing up as he worked very long hours, but his presence was oh so constant. We didn’t go to many ballgames together or to the park. He didn’t teach me how to drive or mentor me in some important life skills, but I knew he loved me very much.

Starting when I was about thirteen, he used to pull me under his arm and repeat an odd phrase. “Don’t worry about the little
things. It’s the big things that are important.” Then he’d add, as if confiding something more profound to me, “Don’t worry about the big things. It’s the little things that are important.”

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You can also purchase Practice Gratitude on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

About the Author

Deb10-19 copy

Returning to her hometown in 2008, after nearly one year spent, unsuccessfully, trying to create a new career in a new town, Deborah Hawkins found herself fighting depression and struggling to maintain solvency. In her early fifties, looking for financial help from her family was especially hard. A car accident, caused by an uninsured driver, kept her off her feet for months. She felt cursed.

She began blogging on gratitude in 2010 as a way to focus on positives and elevate her mood. Inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s words, “Acknowledging the good that is already in your life is the foundation for all abundance,” she developed a mindfulness orientation for her own gratitude practice. This practice led her to post weekly over the last decade; around 500 posts.

Beyond traditional gratitude journals and lists, Deborah’s approach focuses on understanding things that sparked gratitude in past experiences and using this understanding to identify similar qualities in new situations. She attributes her gratitude practice with bringing a sense of empowerment and contentment to her life.

She plans to make her process available as a tele-seminar in the near future. Deborah has a BA from Knox College and lives in Chicago.

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Practice Gratitude: Transform Your Life: Making The Uplifting Experience of Gratitude Intentional ….. MY RATING: 5 STARS!!

My review of this book is going to be rather short. There isn’t a storyline with characters to describe and outline, and it’s a simple concept to describe so I’ll make it quick. But, before I do, I want to point out that the holidays are just around the corner and this book is a PERFECT gift!!  Especially this particular year when isolation and reflection may as well be a global theme for humanity. My mind automatically goes to teens and the growing generation who are still impressionable, and need the help in being steered in a productive and uplifting direction. If you have someone on your gift list who could use some help with being grateful, and even some who are already living by the gratitude standards but would appreciate the acknowledgement of its power; then do them a favor and give them this book!

That said, this book is broken into sections, each with a description and example of different angles of practicing gratitude and the self-reflection thereof. Each angle is followed by interactive pages for the reader. This is where it parts from other self help books, and takes us on a necessary path on how to utilize gratitude properly. There are places to list things you’re grateful for, to give examples of how we’ve experienced this feeling of gratitude in particular times and events, and more. Then it takes those examples and explains how you can use this reflection to shape your subconscious for an uplifting and abundant future. I absolutely loved the book, and I really really loved the interaction! 5 stars for me! 

The Best of No Small Things: Mindful Meditations, by Deborah Hawkins … MY RATING: 4 STARS

I’ve heard of people taking their blog posts and compiling then into books before. I’ve even been asked my thoughts by authors considering doing the same, and been asked to review them once they’re finished before. However, this is the first completed and published book based on the tactic that I’ve read. That said, it was much more lovely than I expected. I went into the read thinking it would be hit and miss thoughts and how to’s (of sorts), but it actually reads a bit more like a progressive journal.

Deborah Hawkins has quite the perspective on life’s situations and circumstances. She has a way of simplifying the complicated, and filling her day to day events with the discovery of goodness and gratitude which is something to be appreciated. The short happenings are covered in blog posts starting in 2010. Each is titled with a lovely photo or two. Some are based mainly on observations during simple events, and some are based on larger events and life altering times in Deborah’s life. Yet every single post written provides something to be learned and reflected on.

As you read through the pages, you’re given an insight to Deborah’s family and friends which is pretty cool, it feels personal and comparable to one’s own life. She travels quite a bit, and those sections are written very well, so you get to learn a lot about varying cultures. She also endures some losses that are so hard…. Including her mom. This section really hit home for me, as I just lost a loved one to similar circumstances. My condolences to her!

I enjoyed this book, and definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an easy reflective read that they can enjoy in short spouts here and there as it isn’t one solid story.

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