Does Anyone Actually Buy Books From Apple or Nook? #99cent #preorder #romanceanthology

I’ve been asking myself this question for some time now. I mean, I know that Apple is a booming business, clearly, and that millions of books are purchased in the Apple store all the time. YET, for some reason, the only sales and free downloads that I ever see (or use) is on Kindle.

Free Kindle book this, 99 cent Amazon sale that… gets old right? I can only imagine just how old it really gets for people who prefer to purchase and read on any other devices. I know that a lot of the time – but certainly not all, they come on sale together hand in hand, depending on the publishing outlet. But, I also know that if books are Kindle Unlimited they aren’t available in other places. What a fickle place this literary world is for us book lovers who are always looking for a bargain, yet are picky and have our device preferences for e-books.

That said, I’ve written a romance novella and it’s been placed into an anthology with 17 other writers. That’s right, over 18 romance stories all in one set! It’s on pre-order until the release date of Jan 21 for $.99 across the board. Every outlet is 99 cents. These books are so much fun, and they cover just about every romantic genre you can think of. There is something for everyone. Mine is titled Skinny Dippin‘ and it’s an upbeat romantic drama. As a team, our group has goals and one of them is for each of us to sell so many copies on Nook and Apple. All that I’ve ever advertised is Kindle books… 

Call me a cliche, go ahead, I probably deserve it!

SOOO for those of you reading this who DO actually pluck your books from the shelves of Apple, do yourselves a favor, do us 18 authors a favor, and fork out that measly ninety nine cents for a gigantic and amazing romantic book haul!!

Universal Link:




How would you like to pre-order 15+ Sinful Stories at a Saintly price AND snag an extra Thank You in just 3 easy steps?

One:  Do your happy dance after you preorder SINNERS & SAINTS from B&N, Apple, and/or Amazon for just $0.99 – 

(If you order from all three, you get THREE DIFFERENT SPECIAL Thank You Presents!) 

Two:  Go to to claim you FREE bonus material!

Three:  Sit back and enjoy your Thank Yous while you anticipate the New Year release of SINNERS & SAINTS!

We’ll handle everything else!

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  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Yep…I do! In fact I bought Aggravated Momentum on apple books (it was the only way I was able to get it back then😊) So to answer your question: yup! 😀

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    1. YES!! Thats so awesome!! ❤🤩🍻

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  2. I know I did try to make a book purchase from Apple once, Didi, and they couldn’t deliver the digital book to me because I live in South Africa. 18 romance books sounds like a good deal.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my, thats actually very sad! Someone needs to step it up and make that available where you live!

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