#5star #review Stella Walkers Acquaintances, by Breaden Michaels #poetry @BraedenMichaels

MY REVIEW 5 stars:

This is a short review for a short book of poetry – unlike any I’ve read before. It’s written by way of describing human traits, indifferences and uniqueness. It’s a very quick read, I breezed through it in about thirty minutes and that’s only because I re-read quite a few pages, just to really soak it in.

It starts out with a few page insight to Stella Walker, and the heart wrenching situation she finds herself in. Amidst her reflection of self, she ponders on each and every acquaintance that comes to mind. From there, every page tells a quick poetic tale of the type of person each acquaintance is. Each one with a name for a title, and a rundown of their personality type so to speak. It’s written beautifully, relatably, and in a way that lingers, leaving you to think of your own likeness to some characters as well as the acquaintances around you personally.

That said, I feel like the main reason that I enjoyed it so much is because I myself am a writer, so dissecting people just kind of comes with the job. I’ll surely be flipping through the pages of this book for character inspiration!  Kudos on a very well written unique book of poetry that reflects humanity to a T, Braeden Michaels!


“I opened my eyes to see the beauty and ugliness of humanity.” Braeden Michaels creates a curve in the poetic stratosphere revealing glimpses of the characters who walk amidst the life of newly-widowed Stella Walker. By exposing the flaws, scars, quirks, and the light we see in each other, this profound collection generates a fine line between friendships and acquaintances. Within these pages, we are introduced to different shades of colorful characters in varying points of their lives. Every poem describes the hidden truths and realities of human attributes. Each perfectly imperfect person we meet is a representation of the people we run across in our individual journeys which then become stepping stones in our own growth.

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  1. Shalini says:

    Sounds like a different read. Happy new year my darling girl and to your kids. ❤️

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    1. Different indeed. Happy new year to you too my friend!! Hope all is well on your side of the globe ❤❤


      1. Shalini says:

        Better than your end from what I have been hearing. At last, peace will reside with the change of power, I hope

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      2. Time will tell 😬😖 Its truly a mess right now!! 😭


  2. Very nice review! Sounds like something outside my comfort zone – so I added it to my Kindle Unlimited TBR! 😀


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    1. Awesome I hope you like it! It truly is different, very thought provoking tho 🤔🤓


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