#Review #5stars Sacrifices, by Kim Knight @kimknightauthor


Be ready for a few tears romance fans, because this smooth reading tale covers an entire life of ups and downs, a love lost to time and dreams, the struggles of raising a child as a single mother, and more, much much more. It bounces around from timeframes, which is a hard feat to master as a writer, but Kim does it so very smoothly. The way it’s laid out and the journey is uncovered one step at a time, draws the perfect picture and emotions. All the while only giving the reader one savory bite at a time without revealing more than it needs to until the time is right.

The book starts out in 1985 as Jane is in her fifties and retiring from her job. This accomplishment and milestone in life causes her to reminisce of her younger days and of the man she once loved, truly loved, but only for a short time. His name was Louis, and he was also an aspiring musician trying to make it big. It was 25 years before Jane’s retirement that the two shared a bit of time together after meeting in the club she sang in.

Louis was from the states and was in the UK with his band for a short time trying to make a name for themselves. As he was a black man, and she a white woman, their short courtship was frowned upon. She assumed that their love was strong enough to beat the odds, yet when the struggle presented itself, paired with a spur of the moment label offer — Louis up and left Jane behind without word. She never heard from him again, nor did she go out of her way to find him over seas. She watched from a distance as his name grew, addiction got the better of him, and his ups and downs as a musician were displayed for the entire world to consume.

Eventually, Jane wound up leaving her music career behind in order to provide properly for a child as a single mother. After her retirement, her now grown daughter convinces her to go on a cruise and treat herself to some much needed and much deserved time away. Jane contemplates this option and ultimately follows through. While on the cruise, who other than Louis himself happens to be aboard the ship. Their reunion isn’t exactly peaches and cream right out the gate. The question is, will it be a second chance at romance, or will the bitterness of abandonment stop the two put a halt on any sort of future in their age? Kudos to Kim on another stellar novel!! Hands down 5 stars!


Sacrifices is a riveting romantic story with historical and suspenseful elements set in the 1960s jazz scene and the present day.

Jane O’Sullivan, a sultry twenty-seven-year-old singer, starts a torrid, forbidden affair during the 1960s jazz scene in London. Working hard, she makes a name for herself. She’s a woman with dreams, hopes, and a burning desire to leave Europe behind and travel to New Orleans with her lover, Louis.

Louis Simpson, a charming twenty-nine-year-old musician from Jackson, Mississippi, is on tour with his band in London. Back home, the height of the civil rights movement plays out in the USA. Driven by ambition, a forbidden love, and a desire to turn his life around, he pushes forward, living his dream.

Once their paths cross, a twist of fate crushes Jane’s world, forcing her to make a life-changing decision that impacts both her and Louis. This historical love story spans across the Atlantic and roams through Europe with love, loss, and broken promises.

Twenty-five years later, when Jane and Louis’ paths cross on a Greek Island, will the helping hand of fate bring them together, or rip them apart, once more?

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  1. Allie Sumner says:

    This sounds so good!

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  2. Hi Didi! I just logged in and noticed the review, thank you so much I appreciate you!

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    1. Youre most welcome! Great book ❤

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  3. chattykerry says:

    I am in the mood for romance, right now.

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    1. Kim is an amazing writer! I love all of her romance ❤

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