Excerpt: ‘The Note’ Meet Suspect #1 Chelsea Jackson. #mystery #thriller #newrelease

Check out an excerpt from a new release MUST READ!!

Author, Kim Knight

It’s sharing Sunday! Here’s a excerpt from The Note, meet suspect #1 Chelsea Jackson.

De ja Vu


Chelsea lowered herself onto the sofa opposite Dunne and McDonald, then covered her face with her hands.

“Not this again. I thought we were done. I’ve not done anything. I have no idea—”

“Look, Chelsea, we understand that,” replied Dunne. “His murder was closed and left as a cold case. But we have a few more questions for you. Something else has come to light.”

Chelsea’s gaze flashed back to meet Dunne’s dark brown eyes in an instant.

What? She gripped the hem of her skirt, then smoothed the fabric over her thighs.

Dunne’s words caused her pulse to race for a second, but she recovered and focused on getting her body language in check. She remained cautious, not wanting to appear on edge by the unexpected news.

Chelsea remembered all…

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