Crow (Faeries of Oz book 2) by Candace Robinson and Amber Duell @literarydust

MY REVIEW 5 stars:

Crow is the second book in the Faeries of Oz series, and it’ll be released in a few weeks. There’s also a prequel titled Lion, and a third book that will be released in the fall about Ozma. Ozma is a character that has already been introduced, and I’m so intrigued!  I can’t wait to dive into this one as well! Lion is a super quick read, and sucks you right in. Although they each have flawless world building and can be easily read as a standalone, Lion is still a must read for me. I can’t decide which full length book I liked better between Crow and Tin, they’re both absolutely brilliant!

If you’ve read my reviews of Lion and Tin then you know that the entire series is based on the famous tale of the Wizard of Oz, yet it’s the shocking backstory that we didn’t ever know. It’s the future of Emerald city and beyond in all its twisted, evil glory. The witches of the North, South, East and West aren’t everything we’d come to know in the Wizard of Oz. No sir-ee, they are much much different. The Evil that we knew was made that way by the good, only the good that we knew wasn’t exactly who we thought them to be either!

Crow, who as you may recall didn’t have a brain. You see, he was actually under the spell of Locasta, one of the seemingly good witches who in all reality was the most evil of them all. Crow was once a very handsome fae with his wits fully intact. He had turned down Locasta and fell deeply in love with Reva, a very magical and good hearted fae. Locasta found them shortly after the birth of their daughter and turned Reva into one of the wicked witches… that’s right readers, you read that correctly!  Crow was cast to the cornfield and forced to be the plaything of Locasta for years and years. As for their daughter, I don’t want to give away what really happened to her, because well, that’s tied into the story of Tin which is a jaw dropping twist on it’s own!! SO, let’s just fast forward time, about 21 years after the curse and the spell that changed the entire path of Reva and Crows lives as well as that of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ as we know it.

Now, because Dorothy has been and gone, and has come back again (in Tin) and had had quite the post-Oz story of her own, the curse has been broken. Reva has returned to her original form, and Crow has long since gained back his mind AND gone through a second torture by the hands of Locasta. The two, in a roundabout way, are reunited, as well as Dorothy and Tin. Together the four and other friends, namely Ozma who’s full story is yet to be told, must travel down the brick road, through the now gastly Emerald City, across the disgusting corn fields that haunted Crow for so long, and onward to Locasta’s castle to claim their defeat.

In order to pull off this task they must split up. Reva and Crow are the main characters of course so 90% of the story is theirs to tell. The rest only make their appearances here and there to weave it all together. Along their journey, they must get past their years of deceit and harbored hurtful feelings toward each other, all the while some very daunting tasks. There are creatures of all kinds that try their best to stop the two. Magic is at it’s best, and the sexy sex scenes are HOT HOT HOT!! Whew!  *wipes brow just thinking about it*.

Anyhow, that’s the best I can do without giving away any revealing details. This whole series is brilliant, and by far my favorite fantasy reads in quite some time! Each one a must read, and I’ll surely be diving into Ozma’s story soon!  5 stars plus for me!  Thanks to the authors for providing me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.


Revenge to take…

Reva spent the last twenty years in her own purgatory, first as the Wicked Witch of the West, then banished to eternity in darkness. Now that she’s returned from oblivion, Reva’s out for blood. The Northern Witch, Locasta, destroyed Reva’s life out of jealousy over Crow. But Reva’s love for him is gone, replaced only with the desire for revenge.

Crow wasted years trying to distract his mind after the Wicked Witch–his true love–was vanquished. He’d thought Reva was lost forever until magic brought her back, though their reunion was anything but happy. Reva hates him now as much as she loved him then. He can’t blame her–his former lover cursed them both and stole their daughter away. But he’s more determined than ever to earn Reva’s forgiveness.

When Reva leaves for the North, intent on destroying Locasta, Crow refuses to lose her to the same magic twice. He joins her on the journey, and, as much as Reva loathes him, she knows it’s for the best. Traveling is too dangerous on her own, but spending so much time together isn’t exactly safe for their hearts either. Hidden away in her castle, the Northern Witch waits to curse Reva and Crow once more. This time they need to put an end to Locasta, or suffer the consequences of the curse forever.

Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas and Laura Thalassa.

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