Skinny Dippin’ release blitz sign up! #Romance #novella #newrelease

You might remember Skinny Dippin as a part of the Sinners & Saints Anthology, you may have even read it (THANK YOU IF YOU DID!). I’m so excited to be releasing this on its own as my very first stand alone romance novella!! In celebration of the break apart – Skinny Dippin’ has been given a complete makeover by my publisher and I’m obsessed with the new cover!

Check this out:

Isn’t it lovely!?!?!

Anyway, I’ll be hosting a blitz in it’s honor on April 4th and would deeply appreciate anyone and everyone who signs up!!  I’ll be giving away ARCs to anyone who wishes to review, the request button is in the sign up link! All the goodies will be sent out the week before the blitz including plenty of graphics for bookstagram posts as well as blog post HTML and other paste-able options. Thank you again for your interest and help with my release of Skinny Dippin’!! 



When Carla agrees to house sit a condo by the beach for a summer, she’s met with a juicy surprise. Though reluctant, and determined to stay away, Carla is drawn to a young man a few doors down. Blake is handsome, temperamental, and just as determined to win her over as she is to stay away. Will Carla succumb to his possessive, domineering traits and become his for the summer? Or will she let better judgement along with their age difference drive a wedge between the undeniable connection? Three months under the summer sun is about to heat up the parts of Carla that she once believed to be lost, tossed to the wind and gone forever. After an accidentally naked night in the water, everything changes, and Carla is forced to face his persistence head on.  

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  1. Signed up. Shared. Marked on Goodreads as reading too.

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    1. Excellent! How did I get so lucky as to snag such an amazing friend and co-writer Jay!?!

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      1. Ditto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Congratulations, Didi! Sounds a wonderfujl novella! Michael

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    1. Thank you Michael!! How have you been?

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      1. Oh, its always the same game here. 😉 At least all best. Hope you are also fine, and staying save.

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