#Review Crossing All Boundaries, by Suzanne Nemec #5stars @SuzanneNemec

MY REIVEW 5 stars:

Josh and Jennifer have one special story to tell. This isn’t your average romance by no means. It’s unique, and deep rooted, and the love these two share span across countless lifetimes, realms and alternate realities. Not only are they soulmates with the strongest sort of pull to one another, but they also have quite the list of responsibilities on their shoulders and burdens to bare all the while exploring their love.

You see, Josh is the main protector in the spirit realms for the one and only High Priestess. I know, quite the job, right?! Jennifer, although in human form for most of the tale, also has some secrets hidden away about the spiritual life she’s meant to live in the fairly near future. A responsibility that’s been cloaked from even her for most of the book. Let’s just say that her old soul is not as naive and simple as her current lifetime may portray it to be.

When Josh was first recruited by Gisabella, the High Priestess, to join her team of guards he had just witnessed the woman he loved commit suicide. Gisabella informed him that this woman must live thousands of lifetimes as punishment, and asked him to join her warriors in exchange for living one of the women’s lives as her husband. It was one hell of an opener to an all around impressive book.

Many years, battles and lifetimes later Gisabella assigns Josh to watch over and protect a gifted human. He is clueless that this young girl he’s been assigned to, Jennifer, is in fact the woman he loved so long ago. Gisabella also takes the young gifted girl to her realm and cloaks her of many her gifts and tells her not to let Josh know that he can see her until she turns 18.  Jeniffer follows this task, and although she sees Josh in his spirit form over the years it isn’t until she’s old enough that Gisabella lifts the cloak and the two of them spiral into an insanely passionate future. They get to know each other rather quickly through telepathic messages and eventually they decide to wed.

The marriage is conducted in Gisabella’s realm, with her blessing and she gives them a ceremony and honeymoon to remember. Their love is passionate, and after they’re united for eternity Gisabella comes clean on who exactly Jenifer is, along with what exactly they must accomplish together. Wow, just wow!!  I loved this book all around and look forward to reading the next in the series!  5 stars for me!


Tell me you can’t see me, Jennifer…

Jennifer’s eyes gazed up at the translucent man leaning against the wall; a man that she’d seen many times before. It was her eighteenth birthday, and when she leaned over to blow out the candles Jennifer focused her eyes on his roguish grin that made her crave his lips on hers.

For centuries, Josh had guarded the most gifted visionaries. But when his friend and High Priestess boss, Gisabella, had assigned him as Jennifer’s protector, he quickly realized that the girl was possibly the most “ungifted” person on earth.

Tonight something was different, though—when had Jennifer grown up? As a protector, Josh couldn’t allow himself to get close to anyone . . . but there was something about the way Jennifer was flipping her hair back with a hint of a smile on her untouched lips. Trust me, Jennifer, I’m not the kind of man you should be flirting with.

A moving story of former lovers, Demetri and Astraea, who fall in love once again, as Joshua and Jennifer; finding themselves in the throes of something illegal: interdimensional marriage. As forces continue to threaten Gisabella’s reign, Josh and Jennifer must decide whether true love can conquer all.

2017 Best Book Awards, Awarded- Finalist in New Age Fiction
2018 International Book Awards, Awarded, Finalist in New Age Fiction

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  1. Pink Roses says:

    I love the sound of this book, Didi. Thanks for the review. And what a beautiful cover!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t it a lovely cover!? I adore the rose dress ❤


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