Exciting News… Weathering Old Souls #NextChapterPub @JamesCudney4 #BookSprout

The release of Weathering Old Souls is fastly approaching. I can’t even believe how quickly time has breezed by so far in 2021. My hell, April is nearly over!  -It’s okay to gasp about it, I do all the time- Not only does this mean that in less than a month my co-written novel with James J. Cudney will be released, but it also means that summer is coming and homeschooling my littles will be OVER!!  For good, hopefully… my eight and six year olds will be returning to public school in the fall. I’m really not cut out for this teaching business, my hat is off to teachers all over the world!!  Just WOW, you guys are saints!

Okay, okay, I’ve gotten off track.  My kids and my horrible teaching skills really have absolutely nothing to do with this post. Let’s circle back, shall we?

Weathering Old Souls!!!

Whew… That’s what I was talking about!

On May 15th, this beautiful novel about a woman’s life, from beginning to present, will be available for purchase. You’ll get to read Abigail’s story and find out all about four of her past lives. One life after another, her soul has been through so very much!  The deaths of each life had an elemental twist – which in turn created a complete loop, bringing her to the present where she remembers certain details. Abigail regresses several times and eventually uncovers these past lives in factual history. It’s a tragic tale with much hardship, triumph and victory.

Seriously guys, I can’t even tell you how many times I cried while we were penning this beauty!  It’s been quite the process, and as we have ARC’s now ready for reviewers I’m really holding my breath for feedback. We have quite a few exciting links to share.

FIRST… If you’re a reviewer who uses, or is interested in using BookSprout, we’ve allotted up to 20 copies FREE for reviewers. Honest reviews must be posted to Amazon between May 15th and May 30th.  If you’re interested click here:   https://booksprout.co/arc/63881/weathering-old-souls

SECOND: If you happen to be a reviewer for Readers Favorite, we’ve entered Weathering Old Souls into the 2021 best competition and would love for you to pick up our book for review there!  Again, this second option is only for people who already review for Readers Favorite, and if that’s the case, you know how to find it!

THIRD: We have a lengthy blog tour set up with the amazing Silver Dagger Blog Tours. You can sign up to help us share Abigail’s unique and beautiful story here: https://www.silverdaggertours.com/tour-sign-ups/weathering-old-souls-tour-sign-ups

FOURTH: We will be hosting a Goodreads giveaway very very soon. Copies will be limited, so jump over and mark this book as ‘to-read’ so you can receive a notification about it ASAP! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/56709730-weathering-old-souls

LAST, BUT MOST CERTAINLY NOT LEAST: We have a ready to post mega blitz all set up for release day on May 15th with the lovely Reads and Reels blog tours. You can sign up to join us on this exciting event here: https://readsandreels.com/2021/03/31/book-release-blitz-sign-up-weathering-old-souls-by-didi-oviatt-james-j-cudney-may-15th-genre-contemporary-fiction-didi_oviatt-jamescudney4-rrbooktours1-rrbooktours-books/


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to bribe my kids into completing their reading and math ‘catch up homework’. Seriously, if we make it through to the end of the year without developing diabetes or something from the chocolate bribe overloads… we’ll be on top lol

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  1. What a beautiful start to this week! I can’t wait to share all this news too… BEST WRITING PARTNER EVER!

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    1. As are you Jay!! I love creating together! ❤

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