#Review #5stars Fishnets and Fire-Eating; A Dancers Diary in Japan, by Michele E. Northwood #NextChapterPub @northwood_e

MY REVIEW 5 stars:

Fishnets and Fire-Eating is the second book of a young woman and her experience of dancing in the Far East. The first book I really enjoyed, you can find my review HERE. When reading memoirs it’s refreshing to come across stories that are unique and original which Michele has truly delivered. As a young woman Michele traveled to the Far East as a Dancer and the experiences she had are sometimes scary, sometimes fun, and all the time memorable!

The title Fire-Eating comes from Michele’s routine which sounds fantastic, but that’s besides the point. Michele and her small crew of dancers including her sister Claire, and two others are sent to Japan. They travel to a few different places and meet several people along the way. Throughout their practices, routines, shows and travels they form quite the bond. Although they do have their fair share of disagreements, they manage to make it through their day to day tasks, growing as individuals and as a team in the process. Claire only makes an appearance at the very end of book one, and I was really looking forward to getting to know her. So, it was nice to read more about her in Fire-Eating. She’s spunky, and gets them into quite a few circumstances that are less than ideal, and I absolutely loved her for it. She added dynamics and a lot of personality to the tale.

Michele and the other dancers get to see some amazing places in Japan, and there are several pictures throughout the book so you can share their experiences. I really love the images, it makes you feel like you’re sharing the experiences and places a little more intimately. Along with the amazing places, the dancers also meet quite the variety of people! Interesting people, both good and terrifying! There is also a paranormal experience that is absolutely unforgettable! Kudos Michele on another win!  5 stars for me, these dancers are brave and deserving of every single star, plus some!


This amusing, true story tells the tale of four young, professional
dancers who travel to the island of Hokkaido, an area steeped in
mystery, myths and legendary beasts. When the quartet
discovers that they are living next door to an ancient Japanese
Indian tribe, they drunkenly decide to conduct a Ouija board
session and, from that night onwards, things never seem
quite the same again.
Not knowing, understanding or really appreciating the ancient
Japanese traditions, culture or etiquette, the quartet finds
themselves in some hilarious situations as well as living through
some shocking real-life experiences. They stumble
their way around massage parlours and maternity hospitals,
museums and temples, learning the intricacies of the hot baths
and the Japanese green tea ritual.
The girls are plunged into a world of secrets and mysteries
where nothing appears to be what it seems. People vanish
without a trace, and there is the strange disappearance of
a large amount of money. What is the big secret on the island?
Who is in control? Will the girls manage to keep themselves
safe? And will they ever uncover the truth behind these
mysteries that seem to enshroud them all?

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  1. Pink Roses says:

    I’m definitely buying this one. Thanks for the review, Didi.

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    1. Both fishnet books are very interesting! ❤ Hope you enjoy them!

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