#review #5stars The Awakening of Amelia, by Madison Granger @MadisonGranger

MY REVIEW 5 stars:

Holy crap, I’m blown away by this little delight! This is the first book I’ve read by this author. I picked it up after she’d beefed it up some following the Sinners and Saints anthology that it was previously in. I too had a book in this anthology, so eventually I’ll read something by (practically) all the other authors in the set. Madison was first on my list following remarks by other readers on her superb delivery in writing style. I’m so glad that I picked it up. Just wow! Madison really has a way of sucking you in, and keeping you there. I read it all in one sitting, and have seen stewing on it since.

In the Awakening of Amelia there is danger, lust, family bonds, boundaries and acceptance. But, there’s more than that… oh so much more. Amelia is a nurse with the kindest heart. She’s never put her own needs first, and has never sought out love as she has always been too busy pursuing a life of helping others. She’s grown tired of her job at a local hospital and wants to do something a bit more impactful with her degree. She decides to give hospice a try. Her first job brings her to Maine to care for a wealthy elderly woman who’s dying of cancer. The woman is kind, and has quite the stories to tell of her younger years and how she’d fallen for a vampire before meeting her husband. The woman’s granddaughter and her husband live with her, and they also have a son. This son is a vile human, who shows up and has eyes for Amelia. He’s a disgusting, scary and very dangerous man.

Lucky for Amelia, she met Demetrius shortly after moving in. This tall dark and handsome dreamboat has some thirsty secrets of his own, yet his intentions are pure and his attraction to Amelia is a deep rooted one. The two have an undeniable pull to one another, and Amelia knows with her entire being that she’s safe in his arms. The story unfolds in a perfectly timed fashion, especially for being a somewhat short read, it was still satisfying. I loved it, and can’t wait to read more of Madison Grangers work! Hands down 5 five stars.


Determined to make changes in her life, Amelia Morgan never expected to find herself as a hospice nurse in a secluded cliffside estate overlooking the ocean. Spending her days listening to tales of her patient as a young woman, Amelia is swept up in the story of Audrey’s first love.

Pulled to a place he left years ago, Demetrius Matteo confronts his past only to find himself drawn to the young nurse caring for his old love. She reminds him of Audrey in her youth, but she is so much more. Conflicting feelings keep him in the shadows, where it’s safer for everyone involved.

Can Demetrius give Amelia the one thing he couldn’t bring himself to give Audrey? Does Amelia love him enough to accept his darkest secret? When Amelia’s life is threatened, perspectives are changed forever.

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