#Review #5stars Roses are Dead: A Twin Sisters Cozy Mystery, by Amy Grundy

Roses are Dead was released just about a month ago and I picked it up from a FB group self promo post where the author shared her link. The cover instantly caught my attention so I jumped over to download it right away. I loved it, here’s my review!

MY REVIEW 5 Stars:

First, let’s talk about the main characters of this book. They’re absolutely adorable! With excellent world building, and with a flawless picture painted Ivy May and Iris bound their way into your heart. They’re twin sisters and have been reunited after quite some time apart. They’re climbing the age chart, and Iris has decided to move back to Blue Water Bay, taking up her sister’s insistence that they live together. Her mind isn’t quite what it used to be, and Ivy May seems to be a bit more youthful and spry.

It’s a loveable little seaside town with a very tight knit community. Only, upon arriving Ivy May is quick to see the drama that is threatening to rip the place apart. There’s a big business man, trying to build a large Condo complex right smack in the heart of the town. If built, it would crowd out the Botanical Garden threatening the plants. It would also pose a much bigger threat to the birds, especially the migratory ones who thrive on the shrimp ponds. Amy lists and describes these birds, as well as their beautiful sanctuary very well.

The town is split in opinion; some wanting the inevitable growth and jobs that these condos would provide, others fighting tooth and nail to keep the wildlife healthy and thriving. As things heat up, meetings commence, arguments and tension are in full force – and Ivy May and Iris just so happen to stumble across a dead body while bird watching. The body belongs to none other than Mr. Cox – the business man who’s equally hated and supported by the town! The sisters follow their instinct and wind up uncovering clues of their own to help solve the heinous murder. 5 stars for me. This story is fun, witty and sets a great pace for cozy crime.


The truck crashed into her with no warning.

Protestors waved their signs as they chanted.

This was not the welcome to Blue Water Bay that Iris expected.

Neither was the dead body that she and her twin sister Ivy Mae found as they took an early morning walk down the trail.

This was the man stirring up trouble around town with his new condo complex. Someone obviously wanted to put a stop to his plans. But what was up with all these dead roses?

Ivy Mae and her twin sister Iris were supposed to be enjoying their retirement together, not stumbling over dead bodies. Can the sisters solve this murder without popping up on Sheriff McGuire’s radar?

Read Roses Are Dead – Book 1 in A Twin Sisters Cozy Mystery.

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  1. Pink Roses says:

    Well, this one is a must for me. Twins, and I love the title and the cover. Thanks, Didi.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh I just know that you’ll love this one!!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I had to come back, it was in my mind. A great one, and its the first book of a series. So i will try to read, from the scratch. 😉 Michael

    Liked by 1 person

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