#Review #5stars Ozma (Faeries of Oz book 3), by Candace Robinson and Amber R. Duell @literarydust @AmberR_Duell

MY REVIEW 5 stars:

Ozma is the third book in the Faeries of Oz series, but there’s also a prequel – Lion – which is just as fantastically shocking and memorable and really just all around as amazing as the others. This is the fourth five star review I’m giving this series, and I wish it was possible for me to give it a 6 or even a 7. It’s my favorite so far, second to Tin. Not only because of the unique circumstances within the book, but also because the main character transformed – and so it really feels like two love stories in one, all the while the world building is amazing. A big fat thank you to the authors who have given me a free copy in exchange for an honest review, I love love love these books! Seriously have devoured each one in a mater of days, and in my crazy busy life that says a lot! I’ve practically gulped them in one swallow and am chomping at the bit for Tic Tok, which is coming up next!

The Faeries of Oz books are each a spin off in the Land of Oz where Dorothy is much more than a regular human who was taken away years ago. She returned to find out the wicked witches weren’t as they seemed nor was the good witches! Nor was the land, or the beasts, the curses/magic, or even her favorite friends Lion, Tin nor Crow. Everything about the Land of Oz is twisted, captivating, shocking and packed to the brim with hot sexy secrets!

Ozma is one of a kind. She spent a very long time under the curse of Mombi, a horrible witch using the blackest of magic to help Oz, the Wizard himself, to gain what they wanted together. Ozma lived in the body of a powerless male fae named Tip. Together he and his love, Jack, took tare of Mombi’s pumpkin patch. They were stuck there by her magic, until Tip/Ozma broke free of her power and her true form came to be. She’s actually a powerful fae of royal blood, and her mission is shocking!

Mombi and Oz ripped off her wings and sent her to a place of darkness where she spent two years. There she met up with Reva who is a MC in Book 2. They tie together flawlessly. Jack is led to believe the whole time that the love of his life is dead. When she returns as Ozma in her true form, on a mission to kill Mombi and Oz, she finds Jack with another fae and lies to him about who she really is. From here everything picks up! They wind up traveling together, and unbraiding each of one anothers truths. From magic to pirate ships, dark creatures, zombies and more the two take on quite a journey!

This book will be released in less than two weeks. It can easily be read as a stand alone, but I highly suggest downloading either Lion or Tin right freaking now and getting a start on the whole series. It’s breath taking!


A land to remake…

At Ozma’s birth, the witch, Mombi, abducted and cast a spell on her, turning the infant into a male. Only when Ozma broke the witch’s curse did she discover who she is–the True Queen of Oz. Her freedom is short lived when the Wizard, hungry for her power, imprisons her in a dark, brutal world, cut off from Jack and her magic.

Jack, too, was stolen as a child, forced to toil as Mombi’s slave. When he believed his lover died, Jack loses himself to an array of companions, while plotting his escape from Mombi.

Once Ozma is returned to the Land of Oz by a savior’s magic, she seeks to reunite with Jack while vowing to kill the two fae who ruined their lives. However, neither Jack or Ozma are the same as they once were. They must put their heartache aside to journey across the unforgiving land to stop the Wizard and keep evil from sweeping over the territories.

Perfect for fans of Laura Thalassa and Sarah J. Maas

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  1. Great review. I enjoy this series too.

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    1. Isn’t it fantastic?! 🤩

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  2. Pink Roses says:

    Thanks for the post, Didi. I’m always on the lookout for a good fantasy series.

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    1. Don’t pass up this series, it’s excellent 👏🤩

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