#Review #5stars The Note (Unsolved Mysteries book 1), by Kim Knight @kimknightauthor

MY REVIEW 5 stars:

Every good ol’ ‘who done it?’ should keep the thrill and the questioning alive from page one to the finish, all the while releasing one key piece of evidence after another evenly along the way. In The Note by Kim Knight the story does just that. I love the characters Kim has brought to life in this tale, from the thorough lead detectives Dunne and McDonald, to the family and acquaintances of the victim, there is the perfect amount of juicy drama, betrayal, mystery and deceit. Nothing is as it seems and the twisty ending had me gasping in shock! I never saw it coming, that sneaky killer!!

A cold case murder is brought back to the detectives table after an unmarked note was left, practically at Dunne and McDonald’s doorstep. New evidence is brought suddenly to the table and the two are forced to crack the case back open. Wide open, and what they uncover opens up a whole new can of worms, more death, and even new suspects! You see the victim, Tony, was an extremely prosperous man with money and success practically pouring from his ears. He was also vicious, vindictive, immoral and had left his fortune to a woman who he’d only known for a few months despite having a wife of thirty years and children who assumed they were entitled to a cut. But why? Why after being diagnosed with cancer did Tony and his wife decide on a temporary break, and why did he have an affair on his estranged wife Manisha? Not only that, but why with Chelsea, a woman who was also sleeping with another man and who was clearly only around for his money? Also, who would possibly murder a man so violently and dump his body in such a public place when he was already on his death bed?

The problem for Dunne and McDonald is just that… questions. Lots of questions and no answers. Manisha is a grieving widow, with grown children who seemingly wants nothing more than to be given what was rightfully hers after her husbands brutal murder. Chelsea, though enjoying the fortune given to her after the death of her short lived boyfriend, isn’t exactly as evil as everyone assumes, and who has her own troubles come along… Then there is the man she was caught on video sleeping with before Tony died, Lance. Lance is a mechanic who isn’t smart at all with money, and who owes vicious loan sharks an insane amount of money. He’s trying to take what he thinks is a fair cut of Chelsea’s new fortune, and winds up under the spotlight as a suspect because of it.

Everything is a tangled up dangerous mess, and everyone… yes everyone… has skeletons in their closet!  The entire book is well written with a captivating setting and intriguing characters. As I mentioned before the ending is amazing!!  I was shocked!! Congrats Kim on another win!


Everyone has a motive for murder when there’s money on the table. But whose story is more plausible?

In seventy-two hours, Detectives Idris Dunne and Josh McDonald close in on an unsolved murder case with the help of mysterious notes.

One of London’s wealthy entrepreneurs was diagnosed with cancer, and became estranged from his wife of thirty years Manisha. Unknown to her, his mistress Chelsea Jackson was slowly sinking her claws into her husband. But that’s not all his mistress was up to. Unexpectedly Tony’s mutilated body is found dumped in a park. Everyone has a motive especially when money is on the table, and his wife Manisha, and their adult children were cut out of his will and replaced by his mistress Chelsea.

Was this an act of kindness from Tony, toward his carer and mistress? Or was there foul play and pressure to change his will by Chelsea? What about his murderer? The case was left unsolved, with lack of evidence.

Mystery notes are sent by an anonymous tip off, Detective Dunne and McDonald re-investigate and piece together the mystery surrounding the entrepreneur’s death, and what led him to change his Last Will in Testament. The question is, from all suspects whose story is more plausible?

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  1. Pink Roses says:

    Didi, I scrolled down through your review as I have this on my kindle and haven’t started it yet. Glad to see you give it 5 stars.

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    1. Oh and it’s already on your kindle! Perfect!! You’re going to love it 🙂

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  2. Thank you Didi! I appreciate the time taken to read and review. xoxo

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