As an Indi author I find myself getting carried away reading other Indi works. I used to be really good about rotating in classics, favorite authors and big name/best sellers. Any more, though, I’ve slacked off at my usual rotation. Aside from a King book every once in a while as a part of a monthly reading group, and a handful of randoms throughout 2020, I haven’t been reading as many big name authors as I usually like to. The other day I came across a meme on FB that said to treat yourself to an old book for every two new ones that you read. It kind of sunk in that I need to get back to doing this. SO, I picked a recommended read by Nora Roberts that a lady in a book group told me not to long ago was her fav of Ms. Roberts. I’m yet to read anything by this extremely popular, long time renowned writer (Don’t shoot me) so I dove in.


Talk about excellent world building and mastering personalities! Shelter in Place is quite the impressive book! There are loads of characters and it’s safe to say that I loved each and every one. The story covers a fifteen year range, and truly shows the strengths and struggles that the characters face over time, which I especially loved. More so than any other with Reed, a boy who becomes cop, who becomes sheriff. His choice of a career in law is driven by the heinous crime that the books starts out in, and his admiration of a detective who showed up at the tragedy.

There was a shooting at a mall, a mass murder that killed and injured several people. Three teenage boys were the culprits, and after they were shot dead on site by the officers on duty, those effected assumed that the three were also the mastermind, and it was brought to an end… but were they?

One thing that I really liked about the book is that Roberts manages to rotate characters and really cover their angles and lives thoroughly. She even ties them all together in memorable ways, so that each of their stories weave together flawlessly. Three of the people, right out the gate, were best friends. Simone and Mee were out to a movie at the mall and their best friend died. Mee was shot a couple times and in critical condition. Simone ran, hid in the bathroom and was the first person in the mall to call 911. Their lives are never the same, and that shooting not only places a plague of guilt on them, but plays a part of every decision they make from that day forward. They cling to one another, and each try to move forward in ways that show their fallen friend honor. Simone, eventually, winds up finding retreat with her grandma CiCi. I love love love CiCi, she’s by far my favorite character. She’s spunky, brave, and cut from a cloth of her very own. CiCi is an artist and eventually helps Simone discover her own passion and talent for sculpting, which really plays a big part in the healing process for dozens of families later on down the line.

Back to Reed. He too was there when it happens. He knows deep in his guts that there was more to that horrendous shooting than three young boys with stolen guns who just decide spur of the moment to go on a killing spree. The motive felt deeper, more personal. So, he pursues a career in law, on the field, and he’s really good at what he does. He dedicates himself to years of watching and studying the survivors, as well as the victims’ families. He looks for patterns and anything that seems a little bit too OFF. As the years pass, and a few more people wind up dying in very strange ways, he decides to follow his instinct and pursue a certain family. When he shows up early to a domestic incident, he runs smack into the actual mastermind of the crimes… in the act! He is unable to save this persons next victims. He’s even shot himself in the act, but he also wounds this person. From here everything spirals, and the guard is let down. One thing leads to another and the mayhem unfolds. Everything is very nicely tied together, and no stones are left unturned. There’s drama, action and emotional turmoil at every turn. I loved this book, and am delighted to have read it!


From Nora Roberts comes the #1 New York Times bestseller Shelter in Place (June 2018)a powerful tale of heart, heroism…and propulsive suspense.

It was a typical evening at a mall outside Portland, Maine. Three teenage friends waited for the movie to start. A boy flirted with the girl selling sunglasses. Mothers and children shopped together, and the manager at video game store tended to customers. Then the shooters arrived.

The chaos and carnage lasted only eight minutes before the killers were taken down. But for those who lived through it, the effects would last forever. In the years that followed, one would dedicate himself to a law enforcement career. Another would close herself off, trying to bury the memory of huddling in a ladies’ room, helplessly clutching her cell phone–until she finally found a way to pour her emotions into her art.

But one person wasn’t satisfied with the shockingly high death toll at the DownEast Mall. And as the survivors slowly heal, find shelter, and rebuild, they will discover that another conspirator is lying in wait–and this time, there might be nowhere safe to hide.

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  1. Pink Roses says:

    Hello Didi. It’s a long time since I read Nora Roberts; I can’t remember if I read this one or not. But I’m going to read it again if I did. Sounds great.

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    1. It’s a fantastic book! I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t read her work sooner

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