#review The Jewel of the Wasted Glades (Tales of Morzania book 1) by W. A. Ashes #fantasy

My Review 4.5 stars:

Juliana is a unique mage, one that didn’t know her powers even existed until an extremely tragic event happened to all her loved ones. Juliana was a sole survivor, and she came upon her special skills in a terrible time. She was found by an evil leader, who branded her with a rune that deemed her his own personal mage. She learned to use her magic at only a fraction, as she served under this man in the dunes, meant to be his slave and assassin. However, one fateful mission changed it all.

I really like Juliana, or Jules as she’s known by the nicer camaraderie that she picks up along her journey at becoming the most powerful mage. I like the name Jules best, it’s a great fit. She’s kind and honest, with a pure heart… and pure blood as her magic flows and pumps with an ancient power. I wish it was a longer book, this author has a wonderful talent. It’s a short read, less than a hundred pages and can easily be read in one sitting. One memorizing sitting filled with magic, drama, danger and more. Much of the setting is in desert land which is unique and a bit different than I’m used to reading. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. I want to know what’s going to happen now that there’s more to Jules than just herself…. (yes that’s a hint, but I can’t give it away!)

A short review for a short but delightful tale. 4.5 stars for me! πŸ™‚


Once upon a time, Juliana was a happy mage girl living in a small village in the Glades of Morzania. Then the King fell and the Obsidian Knights tore through her homeland, scorching the trees and burning the houses. When a Slave Trader found her and forced her into service using a rune crafted from blood magic, she gave up all hope at ever being happy again.

One night, while camping near an oasis in a desert that never felt like home, the Dires Slave Trading group receive orders to kill a group of refugees traveling through the dunes. Godfrey, the leader of the burly group, sends Juliana to complete the task. What she finds when she reaches the refugees, however, is an adventure she never imagined as she’s thrust into a quest for the rightful ruler of Morzania and is promised freedom in exchange for her help.

The potion the prince seeks might be a myth, but Juliana would rather search the desert for phantoms then return to the Dires. The restless undead and necro runes discovered on the way should have warned her that there was more to the Legend of Farren’s Potion then the stories told.

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  1. A great review, Didi. I hope the refugees survived. It sounds like Juliana spares them.

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    1. That she does 🀩 it’s an excellent read Robbie.

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  2. An enticing review Didi. Nice share. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Marje, it was a really fun read πŸ™‚


      1. Awesome, you’re welcome. πŸ™‚

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