#Review #5stars Between the Quiet, by Candace Robinson @literarydust


Weighing in at less than fifty pages this is easily the most emotional short book I’ve ever read. Less than twenty pages in I bawled my eyes out. About thirty pages in my heart was thumping with hope, a satisfying sense of closure, and lip biting suspense. Then, the ending came and I found myself cheering like some weirdo. My kids seriously probably thought I’d lost it… over a less than fifty page book!

Tuesday (I love this name) and Francis are best friends with a pretty awesome mime hobby that they’re both absolutely determined to turn into a success. Francis has a cousin named Beck that is utterly adorable. When an insanely impactful tragedy strikes Tuesday is left with a hole in her chest that no amount of words – or miming silence for that matter – can possibly fix.

What’s really cool is that the book takes a paranormal turn that is genius. It’s sort of a ghost of Christmas past and present type twist that takes Tuesday on an eye opening journey. What happens next is healing, fun and quite unexpected. I love love love the ending of this book!!! Never have I ever felt so connected to the characters in such a short read. I love Tuesday, and Beck AND Francis!! Do yourself a favor and read this book RIGHT NOW!! It’s quick, emotional, fulfilling and has just the right amount of shock! If I could give it more than 5 stars, I most certainly would!


Tuesday Collins has one dream and that is to become a mime … and possibly have her crush, Beck Barber, notice her. But when a sudden, life-altering event occurs, those dreams are stolen and life itself is put on hold.

One fateful night, a spirit comes to visit Tuesday to show her that sometimes you just have to go on with life. But can Tuesday find the will to move forward and chase her dreams, or will she forever be stuck in the past?

Perfect for fans of A Christmas Carol and holiday romance. Sweet and touching, this paranormal novelette will be sure to pull at your heartstrings. Scroll up and one click today for your next MUST read!

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