Weathering Old Souls … Now Available on #AUDIBLE @jamescudney4 @SpencerDillehay

What an exciting day this is!! The much anticipated audio version of Weathering Old Souls is now available for our listening pleasure. James J. Cudney and I have been in contact with the narrator throughout the process and it has been so much fun to work so closely with the person behind the voice.

Seriously though, check this out!




Abigail has always struggled with the voices. From the relentless tyranny a woman faces on an antebellum plantation to the unknown prison camps in America during World War II, our heroine discovers the past in a way that changes her future.

Moments from the past serve as guiding posts for the country’s growth, and also mark the transitions for Abigail’s own personal history. Her best friend, Margaret, partners with Abigail to discover the identity of the mysterious voices, while focusing on her passion and quest to become a United States senator.

Through it all, a serial killer torments the country, romance blossoms between people they meet during the journey, and long-buried secrets come to light in devastating ways. As elements twist, numbers align, and spiritual powers connect, no one will be the same again.

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  1. Congratulations! Very exciting!!

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    1. Thanks Liz!! We’re so excited!! 🤩

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      1. You’re welcome, Didi!

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  2. So exciting – will be promoting it this weekend.

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