#4.5star #review The Christmas Gift, by Darlene Kuncytes @VampireEmbrace


Weighing in at just under 100 pages, this bight sized delight is the perfect contemporary romance for a one sitting heart-string-puller, to get you feeling the holiday spirit. You can read it anytime that you feel like you need a little wintery pick me up, but I’d suggest it as an early winter read. There’s the perfect amount of drama and emotional turmoil to keep you engaged and questioning, yet the entire feel of the book is mellow and warming. I totally made myself a mug of hot chocolate and considered turning on my fireplace. If my husband wouldn’t have shut that down so quick, I probably would have cooked us all out – just to keep the feel of the book alive for the rest of the night haha.
Maddie Scott and Connor Stanwick are quite the pair.
She’s a singer, trying for an acting career. He’s a former SEAL who is also trying his hand at something new. Acting comes easy to him, he’s good at it and is looking forward to a shift in lifestyle. When he steals her cab and makes her late to an acting class (the same class he’d stolen the cab to get to on time) he winds up watching her get kicked out because of the tardiness. She’s furious! She’d worked very hard to get in and is trying her butt off to make it in the industry. Connor winds up feeling bad and walks out to follow her. Despite the conflict, they wind up hitting it off and their emotional pull to one another cannot be argued.
I love the romance in this book. It’s very well written and realistic. I was drawn in from page one and felt connected to the characters and their emotions from cover to cover.
Unfortunately, their start to something real and worth while is short lived as Connor is afraid of how he feels for Maddie. He winds up taking an acting job and moves away without talking about it with her. He practically just leaves her behind to try her best to move on. Her kind hearted nature gets the best of her, and although she too has a secret, she forgives him in her heart and only wants him to come back to her.
A year later, as Christmas rolls back around the two are unable to escape the inevitable. The ending is absolutely beautiful, and the setting couldn’t be more perfect. If you’re looking for a light and unforgettable holiday romance then look no further. This story is sweet and full of heart. 4.5 stars for me.


Maddie Scott has big dreams.
Dreams of taking Broadway by storm.
Dreams of seeing her name in lights, and nothing is going to stand in her way.
She never expected that a chance meeting with a certain force of nature would throw her entire world into a tailspin.
Connor Stanwick is a man who knows what he wants.
Or at least, he thought he did.
When he bumps into Maddie, literally and figuratively, everything changes.
Christmas lights and hot chocolates, sugarplums and carols – dreams can be funny things.
We never quite know where what we think we want will actually end up taking us.
Take a breath. Snuggle close…and let Christmas magic take hold.
From bestselling author Darlene Kuncytes, take a moment to enjoy some holiday romance that will leave you breathless!

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