Autumn With An Author: Didi Oviatt

I was very blessed today to have been interviewed by the lovely Valentina!! 😍

Valentina Expressions

I would like to introduce Didi Oviatt, a versatile, prolific author who often writes with the hands of another author and produces brilliant books. She is an upbeat person and although I have never met her, I feel to have known her for awhile. This interview turned out to be an alive conversation between her and James Cudney IV. She writes about multi-genre and I let her say the rest.

  • You wrote a mystery book with four hands together with Author James J. Cudney. Was your compositional method much in relation to your respective backgrounds and critical aims, or did you have to adapt to James’s style and vice versa.
    Ultimately, a mutual respect for views and likeness in opinions and culture is a must. Working with Jay has been so much fun! I’ve co-written before in an ongoing interactive short story anthology, The Suspenseful Collection, and the technique…

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  1. Heading over to read!

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    1. AWESOME!! Thanks for the support Liz!

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      1. You’re welcome, Didi! It was a fascinating interview. I collaborated on writing nonfiction in my higher ed career–but I could never do it for fiction.

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  2. Keith says:

    Didi, if I may call you that? It is nice to get a glimpse into your writing style and perspective. Thanks for the link. I like the answer to places secrets in your novels. Keith

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    1. Hi Keith! Thanks for clicking through to read 😊

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      1. Keith says:

        Didi, my pleasure. Are your books more suspenseful or more macabre or a little of both? Which of your books would be the ideal first read? My wife and I both read with her focusing on fiction, with me reading a blend. I often read books that she has read, so whether the protagonist is male or female matters not. Keith

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      2. I write all kinds Keith, thank you for asking! All of my books are fiction and most lean toward thriller/psychological. I’d suggest Search for Maylee or Justice for Belle if you’re looking for suspense. However, if you enjoy reincarnation/spiritual reads then definitely go with Weathering Old Souls 🤩

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      3. Keith says:

        Thanks Didi. You just gave me some gift ideas. Best wishes on future writing and sales. Keith

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      4. Thank you too! Happy Holidays to you and your family 🙂

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