New Book Boyfriend ALERT! #Review #5stars Intractable Souls (Bound4Ireland book 1), by Tricia Daniels


I don’t even know where to start on this review without fanning myself off first. So I guess I’ll start with a big fat thank you to Tricia Daniels for stirring up every emotion that exists, then slapping it into a novel that clearly springs to life every nerve ending the body has. Thank you for that, Tricia! (Also, my husband probably should be thanking you too lol) *blushes and wipes sweat from brow*

So the story line goes something like this: Olivia James has been damaged by previous relationships. To the point where she barely survived. Olivia now has massive anxiety, understandably so, and she hasn’t been in a relationship for three years. Her guard is up, her speculation is on point, and yet she’s still a woman with needs and desires. She’s beginning to be lonely, and scared out of her damn mind to put herself out there again. Olivia is independent and can take care of herself financially, yet emotionally she’s struggling.

It’s a damn good thing she has such amazing friends around. I really really love Rachel and Scott, they’re fun and relatable and you can tell they’re sincere from beginning to end. Noah I’m on the fence with still. He lives down the street from Olivia and although there’s a tad bit of sexual tension there, and he can be a straight up ass hole, he’s still there for her when she needs him the most, and that’s huge.

Then there is Ethan O’connell –OHHHHHHHH- Connell, I should say– Wheeeeew, does this temper tantrum throwing Irishman know how to get the job done!!! He has a past of his own, but it’s mostly just because he’s lived a life of stupidity in the relationship department. Practically throwing his irresistible self at any gold digging woman around. He’s hot hot hot, extremely rich and a well known player. He has business on multiple continents and after his last girlfriend threw him under the bus with some insane violence accusations – trying to dig deeper into his wallet, Ethen found himself in Canada. He’s decided to run the family business office that’s already located there.

Neither Ethan, or Olivia are ready for the intense pull they have toward one another. Nor are they ready to accept the fact that their souls have a long standing past with one another. From one life to the next they’re drawn to each other. I love the way this is revealed. It’s subtle and doesn’t take away from the current story, which is very in depth. Strong senses of familiarity happen throughout as well as recognition of small details about each other. They also share the same dreams of each other in past lives. Although whenever Olivia mentions them, Ethan is too weirded out and stubborn to admit that he had the exact same dreams. There’s also a bird, and a psychic that hints around here and there. The reader is able to pick up on the hints easily, but Olivia and Ethan are thus far oblivious to the meaning of it all. I’m really excited to read onto the next book in the series and see where these little tidbits take them!

Anyway, back to the plot! Olivia drives me nuts most of the time. I try to understand what she’s been through and cut her some slack, but seriously woman!!! She’s stubborn and refuses to tell Ethan how she feels most of the time. She pushes him away and causes unnecessary drama often – instead of just enjoying the love that staring her right in the face. Ethan does in fact have a temper, he’s also jealous and possessive which shoots red flags left and right, yet for some reason you just can’t help but to love him. He tries so hard to be patient and tentative to Olivia, he loves her from the first time that they lock eyes. He’s flirtatious in the perfect ways and gives her everything she needs exactly how she needs it. It’s kind of funny that I’m claiming him as my new book boyfriend. I’ve totally fallen for bookish Ethans before, but never an Irishman, so this is new lol.

Anyway, hands down 5 stars!! Loved loved loved it! Stay tuned for my review of book 2!!


Rated 18+ for explicit sexual content.
Ethan O’Connell, alpha with an Irish accent, arrives from Ireland and is drawn to a woman he feels a strong connection with. When he starts having flashbacks, dreams and déjà vu moments, he’s convinced that they were lovers in a past life. She too begins to share those memories and dreams, but this lifetime throws them twists and turns that makes it difficult to believe that they can find that love once again. Ethan O’Connell is not the type of man to give up so easily, and he will find a way to prove to her that Love is the only true magic; for only true love transcends all time.

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  1. Shalini says:

    oh my hot guy alert!! how is the face? ah well who cares, just send the bod to me. hahahaha

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    1. Lol Shalini he is truly amazing!!!


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