#Review #5stars Tik-Tok (Faeries of Oz, book 4) by Candace Robinson and Amber Duell @literarydust @AmberR_Duell #NewRelease


Okay, let me just start by saying that the cover for this book is a PERFECT FIT!! The characters, colors, water… just everything! It’s absolutely beautiful and brings out the essence of the story 100%. Now that that’s out of the way, lets talk about all that is Tik-Tok, North, the pirate ship crew and everything magic!
North is the daughter AND granddaughter of some of the most powerful characters of the previous books in the Faeries of Oz series, so I knew going in that something was bound to be powerful and unforgettable in every way. Trust me these authors did NOT disappoint! This is officially the first series that I’ve given literally every book in it 5 stars!! I’m obsessed! North is a gorgeous young lady with flowing silver hair – compliments of Tin – her infamous father turned right. She has spent her entire life under the impression that she has no magic. As if being a princess isn’t pressure enough, but not coming into any magic… still… in her young adult years, it’s definitely a heavy burden to bear.
Tik-Tok knows better…
We met Tik-Tok, the turn people into stone pirate with a golden arm and an attitude to match in Ozma. We know that he’s on a life long mission and that he’s been promised a gifted child by the powerful king and queen. But, we don’t know exactly what child or when this is going to happen. When the King and Queen present their newborn, Tik-Tok shows up. He’d been instructed by a Sea Witch that the time has finally come, and when he arrives to collect, everything goes askew. He knows instantly that North is the Fae that’s meant to deliver the portal opening magic that he’s after the very instant he sees her. He can smell it inside of her, despite her age, timing and the fact that everyone at court is willing to fight against him.
North is strong willed and brave. She goes with Tik-Tok willingly in order to save the newborn child as well as to stop a war from happening at her expense. Besides, she’s always dreamed of big adventures and pirate ships. Although she loaths Tik-Tok at first, she’s still willing to trust his promise that she wont be harmed.
It takes some time and self discovery to pull the magic from deep inside of herself, which gives Tik-Tok the time and perspective he needs to accept his feelings for her. These two are such a unique and genuine match! I love the dynamics between them as well as the back story that Tik-Tok brings to the table. The crew has some secrets and stabby surprises of their own, but there is nothing that can stand in the way of Tik-Tok’s love for North and the dedication he has to his life long mission of revenge. They’re quite an awesome band of misfits full of shocking magic. I mean, there’s a siren for hell sake!!
The ending is one giant build up to emotional chaos, and it really goes out with a bang! I love everything about this book from beginning to end! 5 stars PLLUSSSSS!


Spicy NA fantasy romance for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Laura Thalassa, and Jennifer L. Armentrout.

A world to escape…

North has always tried to pave her own path, to break free from the shadows of the most powerful fae in Oz. Being born without magic of her own makes it difficult, but she still has the love of her life in her corner. Or, at least, until she learns that he doesn’t return her feelings, ripping a gaping hole in her heart.

Tik-Tok does what he wants, says what he wants, and rules how he wants. The sea has been his home—his—except when he was begrudgingly bound to serve the now-dead Wizard. But even after decades of freedom, he is still without the one thing he needs: the prophesied female who can open portals through the sea. Without her, he can’t fulfill his destiny.

When Tik-Tok finds North—the fae he’s been waiting for—he wastes no time stealing her away. He isn’t expecting to fall in love with her, perhaps a quick tumble, sure, but nothing more. However, a past he is forced to confront may do more than haunt him … it may destroy North.

Tik-Tok is the final book in this dark fantasy romance series. If you love seductive fae pirates, independent female leads, and Hades and Persephone vibes, then you won’t want to miss this epic conclusion.

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