#5stars #review Mend (The Snap Trilogy, book 3), by Tara Dawn


What the perfect wrap up to an amazingly unforgettable story! I loved books 1 and 2 in the Snap trilogy so much, and when Taint ended on such a cliff hanger… I couldn’t wait to jump into Mend and see what ends up happening at the big ‘exchange’. Tara Dawn didn’t wait to dive into the very scene that book 2 ended on either, which was perfect! I might have lost my mind if I thought any second of it may have been skipped over or missed out on. Lucky for me, it wasn’t. In fact, about a third (or so) of Mend is a big wrap up to the climatic, insanely traumatizing, and very tragic event that the entire first two books led up to. After which, the actual Mending could begin.
As I believe I mentioned in both of my reviews for – Snap and Taint – these books are not for the faint of heart. Same goes for Mend. They are raw, and nasty, and gritty when it comes to the reality of drug trafficking, human hostage treatment and the inner working of a twisted sociopath. Nothing is tip-toed around or sugar coated in the slightest. Soooooo triggers beware! That said, lets get to the characters and story line, shall we?
Hazel has a big heart and has found herself wrapped up with the wrong sort of people… especially Phil who is the very definition of evil. We already know that he’s the worst kind of human after he’d stocked her, rapped her and beaten her within an inch of her life in the previous books. That’s not to mention his other wrongdoings as it involves turning an already illegal drug into an addictive force to be reckoned with that is taking lives, wrecking businesses and more. Phil has managed to get his hands on Hazel once more, and the lengths that he goes to are unspeakable.
Cash, her true love and the original creator of Snap is determined to get her back and put an end to Phil, as is a few friends. Cady is my favorite character in all three books. She is Hazel’s best friend and stands by her side no mater what. She’s fun, spunky, brave and really just everything that Hazel could ask for in a bestie. Together they fight and the outcome is sooooo far from the expected.
There are losses that could never be fully recovered from, surprises that are both terrifying and healing all at once, and the order in which these events are revealed are genius. Seriously, it’s like clicking together the pieces of a puzzle that you’d never imagined to turn out the way it did, and you’d rather superglue it all together, as not to disturb it, than to take back apart. It’s weaved together perfectly from beginning to end.
Hazel is strong and naturally has quite the road to healing ahead of her. So does Cash, Cady and the families of literally everyone involved. I feel like all of the loose ends have been tied just tight enough to bring satisfaction to the ending, yet to leave you wondering what ever became of them and of Snap. Realistic is the perfect word for the motions portrayed, and I’m looking forward to reading more from this author, she is AMAZING!


The final book in The Snap Trilogy. This is not a standalone novel. Please read in order.

I’ll never be free of him. No matter what I do, or how hard I try, he’ll be there. Forever lurking in the deepest, darkest parts of me.

The end is near, yet so far away. The harder I fight, the further I push it from my grasp. I need to save us from what I started before there’s nothing left to save.

Regardless what happens, I’ll win. I always do. They can never erase me from their lives. Never.

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