To-Be Bookish 2022


Yes, yes it is four days in and I’m finally writing a welcome New Year post, but to be fair I’m rarely on time for anything ever… so here we are! One of my goals for this two(ish) wonder-of-a-year is to write more blog posts and be a bit more present on WordPress, so to start off on the fourth is really pushing it. I’ve set quite a bit of goals, and I hope that whoever reading this has too, as goals are the gateway to success and creativity. You deserve to nail your must do’s just as much as I do, and I’d love to hear about your big plans in the comments.

I’m starting a new 9 to 5 job at the end of Jan. I’m a little nervous and a little more excited, but mostly I’m just scratching my head and thinking of all the ways that I can keep my bookish world going strong amidst the time crunch and changes. I haven’t had a job in quite a few years, not since my kids were babies and I found it a little overwhelming to be a full time mom and work all at once. So, at the time, I dedicated myself to my kids and my writing, promising myself I’d get back to bread winning when they grew old enough that I was more comfortable with them being away for longer periods of time. My son is now nine and my daughter is seven… That time has come!! So yeah, wish me luck as jump into 2022 as an employed mom, and writer on the side. I’ll need all the positive vibes I can get!

Next on the docket for 2022 is my bookish goals… both reading and writing! I have four manuscripts currently started, three that are close to halfway finished. My hope is to complete, edit and release at least two of them this year. I don’t actually begin said job until the end of the month so Jan is starting out with some serious crunch time in writing for me!! I’ll share more about these books and my progress over time.

AS FOR NOW, let’s talk about that good ole’ TO BE READ pile!

Every year I go in all hell bent on reading that standard number of 52 so that I can honestly say that I completed a novel a week. I know, I know… “most independent writers on WordPress set their goal at 100, you slacker you.” I prefer to be realistic, OK? My kids are a lot of work and I’m a damn good mom, so lets just leave that at that lol. 52 is a great number, and a perfectly well rounded goal… However, I’ve sadly come up short for the last two stinking years!! *Face Palm*

Check this out:

HA!!! So yeah, this year I’m setting my goal at 60 books total so that when I come up short I can actually hit my ‘real’ mark. Tactic!

Next, I plan to read a lot more non-fiction. I’ve started off with my first non-fiction choice and am really diggin’ it. It’s titled Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming, by Clare R. Johnson. I found it in a years recommended reads clip on one of my favorite tarot card reader’s You Tube channel. I plan to read a few of her recommended non-fiction/self improvement books and I’m so glad that I started this one first. I can’t wait to finish and share my review!

Neeeeext, I’ve set a strange sort of monthly reading schedule in place. Well, strange to me anyway. Usually I just pick as I go and make my way through the pile, rotating genres based on the season. But, this year in effort to get a bit more control over my day to day life, I am going to dedicate myself to rotating more often and in a somewhat more organized way. I want to complete at least one non-fiction, one romance, and one suspense every month- be it thriller, psychological, crime fiction or what have you. This will leave the remaining time for a ‘mood’ book. Maybe, just maybe, if I can wrap my head around a more organized bookish existence then it’ll help the other aspects of life. I’ve got to get a handle on my flip-flop ways, I’ll be turning thirty seven years old in 2022 for hell sakes…. I think lol.


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  1. Happy New Year, Didi! Good luck with your new job and all your writing and reading goals!

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    1. Thanks Liz!! Happy New Year! ❤

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      1. You’re welcome, Didi! Happy New Year!!

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  2. Happy New Year Didi and good luck with all of your goals!!

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    1. Same to you Misty! I started Billy Summers today… so far so good!! 🤩

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      1. Thank you!! I haven’t started it yet. I’m going to try and stay on track with all of my buddy/group reads but honestly reading has been going really slowly since I’ve been sick.

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      2. Oh no! I hope you get feeling better soon!! If you’re listening to it on audio, then a heads up… the voice is hard to understand when sped up. I had to slow it down from my normal quick speed

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      3. Thank you!! I will be listening on audiobook. Thanks for the heads up!!

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      4. Youre welcome. Get some rest ❤

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