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Rav: Vampires in Wonderland #0.5, by Candace Robinson and Amber Duell

MY REVIEW 5 stars:

What a powerful ‘BITE’ sized read to set the stage for a series that’s clearly sure to be full of wonder and bloody darkness!! I love Alice in Wonderland, even more than I love The Wizard of Oz. So to see that Candace Robinson and Amber Duell have been at it again creating a dark spin-off for such a complex tale I’ve been chomping at the bit to dive in. This is a short little prequel to give a peak into the world of Vampires in Wonderland. It’s easily read in one short sitting, but for me it didn’t end after those short few minutes – because I stewed! And stewed, and stewed, and stewed. It bit it’s way into my veins and swam around in there until I fell asleep last night.

Rav, or Rabbit, is the go-getter for Imogen, the Queen of Hearts. The two are certainly a pare to be reckoned with – full of power hungry blood-lust, passion, and vicious intent. Rav has his own little portal into the human world and after being told by a previous victim about a night club where humans go to play vampire, he just had to check it out. This is where he finds Alice. She’s a brave, spunky girl with some grit, pared with extremely terrible judgement. She willingly follows Rav to his portal under the impression that he’s taking her the somewhere he acquired his gorgeous fangs. Unfortunately for her, she was right.
After crossing the portal, things get real. I don’t want to give anything away, but lets just say that Imogen has enough enemies that things don’t go exactly how she plans. Alice is in for quite the surprise, as is Rav and and Imogen. This little peak gave me a taste for the blood in Wonderland and I’m truly looking forward to the whole meal. 5 stars.


You think you know Wonderland. But you don’t.

Imogen, the Queen of Hearts, is known for taking the hearts of those who betray her, including her servants. Her king, Rav, ventures to the mortal world to lure in new prey to replace their dwindling help. One bite, one simple exchange of her blood is all it will take for a mortal to become one of them. And this time, Rav chooses a girl named Alice.

Rav is the sexy NA villain short story prequel in the Vampires in Wonderland series. Perfect for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout and Sarah J. Maas.

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  1. This sounds very intriguing, Didi.


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