What does it mean when your writing tends to weave from one extreme to the next?

Are you bipolar, or confused?

Or maybe it’s the exact opposite – and you’re just extremely well rounded.

I like to think its the later!

Lots of writers like to stick with one genre. Others, like me, can’t seem to make up their mind on a favorite, so we go with what I like to call ‘mood creations’. I have a few documents that I bounce around in, every writing session gets to be different, unique and moody.

It’s okay to bounce from one manuscript to another, it really is. I tell myself this all the time, and then I sit back in my messy mind and imagine other writers doing the same. Whether they really do or not remains a mystery, but I’ve painted the picture as such so I’ll not be swayed.

Some I picture in Pajamas, with a steaming cup of coffee next to a tattered old laptop and they’re viciously typing away some aggression and rage into their work of horror. Others I picture all proper like, with well manicured finger nails and their backs as straight as their well dusted desktop. They’re placing details into a well plotted romance, as close as one can get to copy and pasting from a separate plot doc. Either way, I imagine them all just as lost in mixed manuscripts as myself, and then trading places with one another on the regular. Each writing session a unique challenge, bringing something new to the table.


Here’s a quote, or a tinny little taste as it may:

****What I don’t tell Cara, is that I learned this the hard way. I looked up a few years ago, and the lingering young girl I spotted has stuck with me ever since. I’ll never forget the day. When she looked back at me, I didn’t avert my gaze in the slightest. At first I thought I’d made her upset. She glowered, flared her nostrils and then took a step at me. It felt like a warning, but I stared right into her face anyway. Her glossy eyes locked with mine. The eerie familiarity of them gnawing away at my rib cage. To look away wasn’t an option; I didn’t know what she would do or where she would go if I glanced in another direction. So, I didn’t move my eyes at all, I just looked. And I looked and looked, for what seemed like a lifetime.

I remember the way I had rubbed my shaking hands down the daisy print that was sewn into the front of my romper, and I stared. I had bitten the inside of my cheek until I could taste the rusty twinge of blood from the meaty inside of it, and I’d held my breath. Nonetheless, I kept my eyes open. Too busy with the sudden, and very strange battle of acknowledgement between girl and ghost, it took me some time to notice our likenesses. I notice now, every time I see her, which is quite regularly to be frank.***

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  1. When a musician comes to me worried about that, I look at the work/s.
    Generally, there are two things I see:
    i) the songs really aren’t that different, while one may be more Rock and another a bit Reggae, the reality is there is a central theme they are afraid of identifying.
    ii) they are afraid of delivering a result so they dot from unfinished project to unfinished project; busy but safely avoiding publishing.

    In the former situation, once the true path is accepted, things get done. After all, Stephen King’s books are not all the same. We might put them under “Horror” on the shelf but in reality, King writes about being human. That is his real thread and gift.

    Avoiding publishing is a trickier one as either the core issue has to be found and accepted, OR simply work has to be finished and pushed out the door but the Publisher, Manager, Mum… Once the person realizes that the world does not end when the song is on YouTube (or wherever) they can start to move on (hopefully forward).

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    1. Well said, my friend!! Agreed all around 😊

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  2. Keith says:

    Didi, best wishes with your “mood creations.” Some novelists write the same theme over and over which is comforting if a character or set of characters, but also lacking in seasoning. Even Robert Parker got a little bored with his main character and moved to other detectives. I enjoy his books but some do blend together. Keith

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    1. Very true!! Thanks for stopping in Keith 🤩


  3. Hi Didi, I have also been bouncing around a bit this year. I have written six short stories and am busy with a seventh. I’ve also written a children’s book. I have added 15,000 words to my WIP bringing it to about 46,000 words to date. I was I’ll with Covid in March and it took me weeks to recovery. That combined with a busy work schedule has resulted in my working on shorter, more manageable projects.

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    1. I adore writing short stories! It’s been some time and miss it dearly! You’re much further into your WIP than myself lol I’m lingering around about 10k, with LOTS of work to do still. I have a few full length novel intentions that I’ve promised myself to get through before moving onto a shorter series of witchy books that I’ve plotted. We’ll see if I follow through with it all…. or how long it takes me to follow through, I should say!


    1. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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  4. johncoyote says:

    Hello dear Didi. I believe, we, who love to write. Can write about everything. I dream write and I keep a notebook near for notes. I believe, we write about, what is around us. Hello dear friend. Was good to see your name on my site and I hope you are doing well and staying safe. I will finally retire 100% next week. I must finish six stories and edit 20 more. 2500 plus poems need a deep edit. I need to be like you. A published writer. You are amazing.


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