#Review #5stars Maddie (Vampires in Wonderland book one) @AmberR_Duell @literarydust

Sadly, it’s been some time since I wrote a review. I’ve cut my reading back more than in half and when I do finish a novel I can’t seem to find the time to write a review for it. So my pile of non reviewed books are piling up and piling up. I’ll likely do a mass ‘ratings only’ post soon, or even mini reviews, like a paragraph a piece or something to somewhat catch up.

That said…. I couldn’t not do a full review of this book. I’m a huge fan of this particular duo and after having shown off RAV the short little preview to this set, I figured I had better do full reviews for the books in this sexy vampire spinoff. So without further ado —–


Yet another insatiable first book to an unforgettably genius series to sink your teeth into! After reading Candace and Amber’s Faeries of Oz series, I never would have thought they’d actually be able to come up with another spinoff that’s just as FanGirl worthy… but here I am, drinking it up. Vampires in Wonderland is absolutely one of a kind!

Before getting into the story, lets just take a minute to give credit where credit is due: I mean, DAMN! Candace Robinson and Amber Duell can mirror one another’s writing like a couple of champs. It’s like your favorite pare of jeans that go just perfectly with your favorite boots – either are a wonderful fit, but when pared together it’s next to perfection. As a cowriter I know how hard this can be at times to pull off. It takes a whole different level of dedication, skill and patience; with not only each other, but especially yourself. Cowriting is an extremely rewarding experience, bringing two minds together as one. These two very talented authors have managed to breeze right through the process with such ease and grace that they’ve officially come up two full sets of naughty, witty, gruesome and insanely unique books!

Now for the setting, characters and tone: Down some hidden rabbit hole, and into a curious world askew — rich with bloody lust, heartless greed, and a thirst driven agenda that would make any mortal tremble. For Alice and her brother Noah, survival was not exactly an easy task to come by. For what is immortality after all? Survival, or something different, something more?

For Noah, it was a whole new chance at a beginning he didn’t realize he was missing. For Alice, well, her story is absolutely nothing of what you’d expect. There is no cleche’ twist of Alice saving the day, like one might assume from such a spinnoff. Alice doesn’t take well to the change and it’s Maddie – the Hatter- and Noah who really steel the story. Noah is dedicated to saving Alice’s, just as much as Maddie is dedicated to saving her own sister Mouse. Together they face the unthinkable and resisting one another in the process is impossible. The electricity between them is perfection, and their personalities are on point. I love Noah and I absolutely adore Maddie!

You see there is a cure to Vampirisms, but it’s tucked away amidst creatures of the most awful sort. As if the quest of retrieving it before Alice dies is not hard enough, It’s the evil Vamp queen and her riffraff that are the real threat. Terrifying, ruthless beings who have had Mouse locked away for years of torture.

Maddie, with her own addenda of freeing her sister. Noah, with his own addenda of Saving his. The two are bonded by oath, as well as an unmistakable need to be together.

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