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I am so excited to share this cover with you all today! Isn’t it a beauty?! Read on for
more about The Age of Resonance by Kathryn Knowles!

The Age of Resonance (The Quiescence Trilogy)

Expected Publication Date: November 2022
Genre: Fantasy/ Epic Fantasy
After stillness, a new age dawns.
A new war is brewing. The final battle between kingdoms will unearth long-kept secrets; it
will challenge friendships and test communities. And Mórceá will change forever. 
Catanya’s perilous and mystical journey to Túir-Avlea is over. She has arrived at the
legendary mountain community where the eccentric Maílehr Laylian promises to teach her
the secrets of Resonance. With the fate of the world resting on her shoulders, Catanya must
learn to harness the volatile power within her, no matter the cost. 
Inside Caerlon City, Diyah’s world view has been challenged. Surrounded by untrustworthy
allies and perplexing enemies, her allegiances are shifting. Before long, Diyah will need to
confront her deepest beliefs and choose between her own desires and her duty.
Betrayals will shape the future, and truths will be unveiled in the final installment of the
Quiescence Trilogy.
Coming Soon!

The Quiescence Trilogy

The Relics of Illayan (The Quiescence Trilogy Book 1) 
In the stillness, a power wakes
Caerlon is a kingdom where the power of Resonance has long been bound to a single
bloodline, a single all-powerful ruler. Now, for the first time in centuries, the magic has been
On the night of the new king’s coronation, something causes his magic to fracture, and
Catanya, a young woman living on the outskirts of Caerlon discovers the long-kept secret of
her connection to the throne.

Driven mad by his lust for power, King Cadyan sends his soldiers to hunt her down. He is
determined to reclaim his birthright and uncover the truth about the legendary Relics of
Illayan, which could hold the key to eternal power and immortality.
On the run, terrified and alone, Catanya must decide how—or even if—she can wield the
magic of Caerlon to protect herself and save everyone she loves.

The Warrior Queen (The Quiescence Trilogy Book 2)

From the stillness, a hero rises.
Catanya has escaped to the Kingdom of Awnell. Inside the towering fortress city, she meets
Queen Ayr, a freethinking and cunning leader intent on safeguarding her people’s liberty.
Unsure who to trust, and still grappling with her untamed magic, Catanya must learn what it
means to be a warrior.
Miles away, Diyah’s strength is tested as new allies emerge and old secrets unravel. Torn
between fear and curiosity, she begins to suspect that nothing is as it seems in Caerlon.
As the division between brother and sister threatens to ignite a centuries old conflict between
kingdoms, both Catanya and Diyah must decide what price they are willing to pay for
New dangers approach and mysterious legends emerge in the second installment of the

Quiescence Trilogy.

About the Author

Kathryn Knowles is a composer, cellist, conductor, and writer currently based in Toronto,
Ontario. She splits her time between writing, teaching, conducting, composing, and running
Mad Endeavour.

In her spare time, Kathryn enjoys taking on new creative projects (i.e. filling up that “spare”
time), spending time with friends and family, tending her ever-growing plant collection
(obsession), and looking at pictures of puppies and dreaming of the day she can have one of
her own.

Kathryn Knowles | Mad Endeavor

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