#NewRelease Dreams of Song Times

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Dreams of Song Times
Expected Publication Date: September 23, 2022
Genre: Sapphic Fantasy/ Mermaids
When sixteen-year-old Ell Gossamer’s two mothers mysteriously disappear, the teen human-
mermaid hybrid quickly flees home with little more than a mysterious family keepsake, a
book called “Dreams of Song Times.” Ell will learn astonishing secrets about her past—but
only after endangering her life to save others. Standalone fantasy/LGBTQ+ fiction. 

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I sped away on Zif, imagining Angel watching until I was out of sight. I did not get far,
however, before my body started shaking uncontrollably, Zif began weaving over the center
line, and my vision blurred. I had to stop. Trembling, my breath coming in shallow gasps, I
cut the engine and rolled Zif into a patch of woods that I hoped would shield me from the
In the gray light of a cold dawn, I sat down on wet leaves, drew up my knees, and hugged
myself as tightly as I could. The shaking grew worse. I felt the oxygen mask clamped on my
face, reliving every moment of paralysis that put me right on the line between life and death.
I vomited onto the forest floor, then closed my eyes and tried to regulate my breathing. I saw
myself hovering above my body splayed on the bed in the shack, unable to move, utterly
helpless. The urge to lie down on the cold ground and fall sleep nearly overtook me, as shock
worked me over. Though seated, I felt my body begin to sway.
I could have died.

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About the Author

Amy L. Bernstein writes for the page, the stage, and forms in between. Her literary
preoccupations include rooting for the underdog and putting ordinary people in difficult
situations to see how they wriggle out. Amy is an award-winning journalist and speechwriter
as well as a playwright. When she’s not glued to her computer, she loves listening to jazz and
classical music, drinking wine with friends, and prowling around Baltimore’s glorious

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